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  • Hey you! Haven't been in chat when you were, HOw was x-mas? hope it was good and everything is going well talk soon :)
    Lolz, don't worry ^__^ i use ''their'' art too sometimes since there are pretty neat artworks. Anyhow, do you also have a deviantart webpage??
    Oh okay :) hope you collect yourself soon
    PS sometimes lists help me when my brain needs some order and is fuzzy
    yea but it's 'knuffle knuffle knuff, knuffle knuff, knuffle knuffle knuff, knuffle knuff' to the tune of the bit where it's 'lets get physical, physical, lets get physical, physical,' have you seen the vid for that bahahahaha I HEART THE 80's!!!!!!!!!
    It's not body heat!!! It's physical by Olivia Newton John I knew I'd figure it out!!!! ....Even if I did have to hum it to about 70 people before someone recognised it haha
    wow you're a busy knuff this weather! :)I hope so too. Into wk 3 hopefully get sorted soon and have a proper stint away from here, just got keep trying new things til stumble across treatment that works. Least Im in with people that make me laugh tho, that makes it easier :)
    Aw knuffles <3 you are too cute!!! I havent been home lately :( cant seem to access mibbit on the android baaah but I did discover chatbox seems to work. Id be lying if I said I hadnt thought about getting my computer desk brought in and set up here haha but that might be pushing it a bit :rolleyes: hehe. Its lookin like it be next week before theyll discuss lettin me home so Im just gettin on with it best I can :) hows school and hows your little fella? All goods I hopes.
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