If you could change your name... it would be??


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My real name is Jamie, but I never actually cared for it to be honest Though if I could rename myself, I would pick names like either Ashley, Emily, Julia, ect.
There was a time when I would have said Vj (which is not my real name) as my online persona was the person I wanted to be, and for a long time felt more fitting to who I was.

I don't feel as strongly about that anymore as times (and myself) have changed, but I think I'd still like to change my name to that if I was pressed to do so. Vj in my mind, even if not in reality, is still a person who feels worth being.


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I run in fun runs under assumed names. Arthur Radley is one. I also ran as Jock Crawford.
i like your name, is this username your real name? lol, Ki and then Wong. i have two last names i could use or use my registered one which includes a middle name.


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Lucky his last name wasn't 'Head'..
Now that was funny. There was a psychologist who's name was a nice name but his nickname was d!ck and he told me 'i like to be informal' and i thought why? why don't you be professional since you know, y'know!! i don't know if he was trying to turn me on :bigsmile: :lol: