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  • I've been okay. Meds have been helping but still i'm kind of slow to really move forward in some strides. Been feeling withdrawal symptoms yet?
    Sure am. It's helped with panic attacks 95% of the time. Still have the pesky lingering SA issues, but I continue on for the most part. I think the rest is mental.
    It started getting out of hand close to 2yrs ago. By getting out of hand I mean afraid of going into a Wawa because I felt so self conscious. Medication has been helping me though. Are you on meds?
    Yes and Yes. Mom's a Libra, born on the 21st, grandma was a Scorpio born on the 29th. Diagnosed in college, so almost 20 years now. You?
    Thanks. Thought it was something I was saying to kill threads. Maybe just summing up things too well. Nothing left to say. Haha. Halloween Birfday? Mine's a day earlier. Many years earlier.
    haha oh ok that's understandable :) my name's from the tv series 'the mighty boosh' couldn't think of anything else really lol
    thanks lol :) lets go to the pub and get off our faces :D oh wait :eek: we dont do that anymore do we ;) were both grown up now more mature lets have a nice cup of tea instead ...
    Better luck next year.

    Honestly, I'm not sure what the deal was either. They were both given plenty of chances and from now on things will be stricter. It's unfortunate.
    Yeah, mrb and For Real have been banned. Although mrb received a week ban, For Real has been banned permanently this time. This was because of the latest threads they started. For Real started the 'Social Phuckup World' thread and mrb started the 'i'll probably get banned for this' thread. Hope that explains everything. If not, let me know.
    well looks like were spw buddies now lol ;) course this doesnt mean were going to start getting off our faces all the time like we used to :) no no no were more grown up now , more adult :rolleyes::D
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