How often do you take a shower?

How often do you take a shower?

  • Everyday

    Votes: 53 58.9%
  • I skip a day

    Votes: 22 24.4%
  • once a week

    Votes: 7 7.8%
  • once a month

    Votes: 2 2.2%
  • Until and unless asked to..!

    Votes: 6 6.7%

  • Total voters
Social Phobia means avoiding going out which indirectly relates to the fact that you will be less likely attracted to the urge of taking well-timed showers and hence you might wanna skip it for a few days, eh?


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Once a day at least. Usually in the morning or before lunch if I wake up late. Some days I shower again after I come back from the gym.

I can stay at home all month but I'll still keep showering once a day. Might not wash my face often though (not counting just splashing it with water), although I'm trying to get that habit because I should properly wash my face twice a day to reduce acne.
Nowadays it's around once every 2 or 3 months! hehe. But i do "wash" my various bodily areas (face = daily, other areas when they get too smelly or oily or scratchy). Same goes for clothes - i just wash em when i can't bear the smell any more. lol

I used to shower almost every day for a while, and had 1-3 hour sit-down showers! :eek:

But nowadays my hoarding/etc issues prevent this (as shower tray full of stuff, so is major hassle to have a shower these days). It's lucky i don't have to hardly ever go out, eh? (& lucky for others that they seldom have to smell me & my musky clothes) :giggle: lol
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Depends. Normally, every second day. That's what my dermatologist told me is best too. Of course, when I do sports, or expect to get very close to people, I take an extra shower. Not more than once a day of course. Well, and every now and then a bath. But that's more about relaxing.
Every day of employment was always up at 6am, shave, shower, brek, in a suit, stressed about train times, rushing, never failing

Back home 8pm

Recovering from weeks of epilepsy in hospital, as usual, I had to re-discover there the floor, ceiling and walls were. Hopeless getting dressed or undressed. Couldn't use the toilet without help or move from bed.

Then I could. Took a long time to remember how to read or write, and get a grasp of time & date.

Towards the end of my 4 months in there, I was in a therapies, gym & daily showers, toothbrushing and eating (good food - swallowing and knife & fork) are hard things, like reading & writing.

Getting home, I found I didn't need showers - 2012 winter. No work since. No sweat. Not much shower
Definitely every day, unless I was in a desert or something. I shower usually twice, in the morning more properly. I don´t skip showers even if I´m sick or tired or if there is no hot water. Once I showered in cold water the whole week..


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I skip a day on my hair, except during the hot months.
yeah your actually supposed to let a little oil build up on your hair naturally b/c it's good for it ..and for me shampoo strips my cuticles dry... Oh plus we have the hardest water on the face of the planet. I go every other day usually unless it's summer and I got dirty outside doing whatever in the dirt.


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at least once a day - every morning when i wake up

maybe another time later after heavy exercise

maybe another time later depending on whether i'm sleeping alone


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Once a day... sometimes a body shower a second time during the day. Showering and brushing my teeth are two things that instantly make me feel better. Most of the time at least...


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Guess I should answer. I don't have showers at all, I much prefer baths, and I have one a day in the evening. :) I'm a bit of a nightowl, so I'm often tired enough to doze in them too. I'm mildly surprised I haven't died from drowning yet. ;x
Why is this thread in the social anxiety forum. Surely this is off topic.

Edit, on closer inspection op you have a few threads on the SA forum which arent really related to SA :idontknow:
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