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  • Ah.. sorry! I misunderstood.. I thought you were up to date to the last ep of season 5. Though I don't think the pic was too revealing.. Thanks! I'm on to House of Cards (with Kevin Spacey), so far so good..
    Yeah! Of course everything falls apart when Walt decides to go back haha. I wonder how Hank is going to deal with it.. also I thought you might enjoy this parody pic :D
    Haha, yeah! It's a bad habit of mine.. I just got up to speed with breaking bad too, great last ep before the next season if you haven't seen it yet :) And yeah, with Mad Men it's all about the journey which is refreshing.
    haha,It's one of my favorite movies. "One thing is certain. Inspector clay's is dead,murdered,And somebody's responsible" :D

    CC Is the initials of the screen name I use most everywhere else but this site. Which I'm afraid to share. Because I'm afraid of somebody finding me here.heh
    Yeah, that's a good point :) I got overly ambitious and got spoilered on a few parts of the series so I'm just waiting for the train-wrecks to happen now..

    He sort of reminds me of Pingu.. who is really cute but kind of freaked me out as a kid for some reason.. gave off some seriously weird vibes.. /
    I find it so weird because at first he was so offended about her saying he's that type of person (that would go after his kid's teacher) and then 5 seconds later he's all over her and she also does a complete 180 and is totally okay with it.. (also she is my least favourite of his lovers lol XD, I like her even less than Midge). I don't know why it bothers me so much haha.

    Thanks! I like your avatar too! where is s/he from?
    True, so much infidelity, kind of took me a while to get used to it. It's interesting that there's a different director for each season, I actually had no clue..Well I'm up to the part where Don's going after the teacher and I'm like .. really?! XD

    how are you doing? :)

    You also have a ps3 i read, what kind of games do you play? Maybe we can add eachother :D on our PSN's.

    Thought I'd say hi

    Aww yeah! Unspeakable horrors from outer space paralyze the living and resurrect the dead!
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