How do you clap?

Today i'm finding myself clapping with the crowd on the classical concert station i listen to (due to boredom). And i am wondering again, how i should clap? Just clap the fingers? or middle of hand? or hollow/palm of hand (which is louder & deeper sound). How do YOU clap? :question:


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My footy supporting clap is different to my clap along to music clap. Footy supporting full palm jumping up and down. Music clap with the sound of the music with body swaying.


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i clap with my hands and fingers together and if i want to do a louder clap i'd cross my hands and clap together like palm to palm.


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On Wikihow you can find a 12 step guide showing how to clap like REALLY? I just want yo clap, not make an origami.
On Google images you can find different clapping styles, using the palm, only the fingers, some people even clap with their feet but the most talented ones clap with their buttocks, and i think that's the way to go.