Happiness is....


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Finish the sentence on your own terms:

....eating tuna sandwiches in my favorite corner of the restaurant.

....falling asleep to rain battering the windows to my bedroom whilst listening to my favorite YouTube videos with the sound turned down.
This is going to sound lame but personally for me , Happiness is knowing you helped someone/changed their life..In ANY way you can..whether its through music, song lyrics, charity , your job, your hobby, your voice, etc.

my mom sent me this video earlier today that kind of describes that.


oh and also, happiness is hiking or sitting in the woods or some other quiet place by myself and just reflecting on life.
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Totally agree with the part about giving in any way you can. When you give you end up getting more in return and I like the saying "People can add and subtract to others suffering, but God can multiply"

Personally if I was forced to hike or sit in the woods alone I would go crazy.


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Happiness, for me, is that stage of self-realisation, where you get to know the deepest realities about your own self. But it's not an task or anything to achieve self-realisation, so I guess it's the striving for the realisation, that makes me happy. But that's the philosophical part.

Everyday things bring happiness as well. Maybe like AtTheGates said, going out to the nature and just observing the beauty itself is a very great experience.


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Getting out with my camera, waiting on a headland for the dawn that I know is going to be magnificent. And in that 15 minutes of wonderful light being completely lost in it.


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To me, happiness is a feeling that comes to you when you least expect it. You can't spend your whole life waiting for someone else to make you happy. A lot of people in this world make the mistake of thinking they can depend on somebody else to bring them happiness.

I think the reason for this is because movies/tv shows have led people to believe that they truly can't be comfortable in their own skin and that they're only option is to find someone who makes them happy. This is why so many depressed people feel hopeless; desperately seeking for a relationship to fill in the emptiness in their lives. They simply just give up on themselves. People shouldn't allow society or the media to decide what's best for them. It's up to that person and only that person. Searching for happiness doesn't necessarily mean you have to solely rely on someone else in order to get it. You can find happiness in pretty much anything like music, poetry, food, nature, animals, your favorite movies/books, ect. It all comes down to how you feel about yourself. We're all human and we should feel free to do/like whatever we want in spite of what society says.


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Happiness is when you're enjoying each other's company w/ your partner and you're not so caught up w/ their looks. I see couple's enjoying life b/c they're not so shallow, they're 'living life'. It's also when you're spending time together with your family/the people who love and care for you and vice versa. It's also when you have peace in your mind and you're settled in your mind b/t you and others somehow. It's also taking care of oneself, it's also having 1 or a few close/good friends.
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