Give the worst possible description of a movie!

I guess I'll try...

Boy has hissy fit and is no fun because he is too old for story time.
^ Is it "The Princess Bride"?



not actually Fiona Apple
Ooh okay now I'll go.

For this brother and sister, watching reruns was more immersive than they expected. Who knew it would bring so much color to their lives?

Decade: 1990's


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Ok, first thing that came to my head. Probably too easy.

Filmmakers get lost filming a documentary.

The Blair Witch Project. Either that, or King Kong.


Nerd goes to California after nearly being raped by a psychologist.


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No, sir. Neither so obscure nor so literal.

And while we're at it . . .
I'll have a consonant, a vowel, another vowel, a consonant, another consonant. Another consonant, a vowel, a consonant and a final consonant please.

Is it The Three Faces of Eve

This Eve wears furs, not fig leaves,
So entitled she may be,
But in the title of the film
Her name you will not see.