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  • Thanks! I appreciate your faith. :)

    I made it through this call with just a little hyperventilation, but I have a much longer one scheduled for tomorrow. :eek: At least they'll be calling me instead of me calling them. That'll make it a lot easier. At least I hope it will. :praying:
    Thanks for the add, Something-Vague, and welcome to the forum! Thanks also for your very kind message. I'll reply to it properly later, when I have a little more time. A thoughtful message deserves a thoughtful reply. Cheers! :)
    Welcome to the forum!

    Thanks for the friend request btw, hope you can find all the support you need here on spw, and if you ever someone to talk to, feel free to PM me.
    Hullo! Just a quick, wee message to say thanks for the friend invite. Very much appreciated. :)
    Hello!!! Welcome to SPW! I'm sorry to hear about this incident that slowed you progress, try and keep positive! reading your introduction, you seem pretty switched on so i'm sure your get back on top of things! All the best with attempting to rekindle your love of reading!!! reading is a great way to escape the day to day problems of life some even say it's therapeutic...? hey just a thought i wonder if thats how the kindle ebook reader got it's name? rekindle? This place, really is a safe-haven as you put it, so feel free to express your opinions without fear of judgement. Feel free to message me if you want to chat or need help with this site for some reason or another. Have a great day! :)
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