Fear of being judged for having unusual tastes in music.

I'm curious....is anyone else in this site too scared to post their favourite music in the "Post Your Favourite Music" thread, for fear of being judged for having weird, or pathetic tastes in music?


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Not really. I'm not sure how many people actually look at the music posts of others. Unless it is too say, wow, I like that song too.
I dont really post much in there, but I'll say I'm a bit like Graeme - my tastes are all over the place. I don't really care about liking a particular genre, it's just got to appeal to me. So I like a wide variety from metal to symphony.

The only two types of music I just can't find something to like in is country and western and jazz.
Hmmm... maybe if the 2 were mixed together.. :thinking:
Thank you for your replies. :thumbup:

I guess it must just be part of the fear-of-judgement from the SA, that has concentrated in the area of music for me. :eek:h:


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If anyone judges you of having different taste in music, it's their loss. I know my musical tastes don't appeal to everyone, but that won't stop me from posting my favorite songs


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Not yet. Just critiscism head outside my window.
I asked them if I had a shot at the Tamworth music festival.
They reckon I've missed my shot a stardom.
Certainly not, BlueDays, quite the opposite, I'd be more curious to listen to a kind of music that very few listen to because I'd deem it original, unlike something famous and well known that is usually posted.
If you have noticed the kind of music I post, it's either pokémon instrumental music, Finnish / Russian pop music, and I am not the least embarrassed of my tastes.
In the forum I have never had that issue, but IRL I have, especially when I was younger.

I remember when I was in high school I was very self-conscious about the music I listened to, because while it was very meaningful and important to me, I felt it wasn't the type of music I was "supposed" to be listening to. As I'm older now it seems silly to me, but as a teenage boy I worried deeply what people would think of me for listening to Fiona Apple and Paramore, and not exclusively alternative, classic, and modern rock music. For the most part, I never shared my musical interests with anyone, and whenever I was in a situation where I had to choose music (like in my car) I would pick 'safe' choices, the things I felt like the other people would like, or that they would expect a person like me was supposed to like.

Now I embrace being different rather than shy away from it. Frankly, if someone is going to judge me for the type of music I listen to, I don't give a flying hoot anymore :)
Thank you for all of your replies, guys.
I seem to be the only one with a problem posting music in here, lol. :shyness:

So I will try and adopt some of the good ideas all of you have posted about how and why you don't worry what other users in here think of your music tastes. :thumbup:


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I'm curious....is anyone else in this site too scared to post their favourite music in the "Post Your Favourite Music" thread, for fear of being judged for having weird, or pathetic tastes in music?
What constitutes "Pathetic" taste? :question:

Isn't someones taste completely subjective?

I could care less what people think about pretty much anything I do or think or say anymore. If they are judgmental they are a$$holes. Pretty simple. : )


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I was a huge fan of 'Yothu Yindi' back in the 90s/2000 in highschool. They were an Australian Aboriginal band that shot to fame in the 80s.
My friends laughed at me for liking them, but they meant something to me. I remember going to this battle of the bands type concert that had huge acts each year like Red hot Chilli Peppers and even Nirvana back in the day, but one year I went just to see Yothu Yindi play- and I was like dancing right at the front - to my horror when I turned around and saw the whole audience sitting down looking at me as I was the only one jumping up and down and singing etc lol. Later I overheard people say how good that band was and that they were going to listen to them later lol...
Yothu Yindi became an important voice for the indigenous people of Australia and reconciliation and that is why I really liked them.
Like what you like, it becomes cool because you like it