Favorite Actors

A recent thread asked about fav movies, it got me thinking about certain actors.

Who are some of your favorite actors?

Some of mine would be,
Tom Cruise
Russell Crowe
Lena Heady
Martin Freeman


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Meryl Streep. Watching her in Doubt is like watching Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. So much charisma, so entertaining, can't take your eyes off them. And both make each film all the more watchable.

Btw, Meryl doesn't get the benefit of flashy makeup and action scenes. She has to project it all via nuance and personality. Like most female roles in movies, she has to do more with less.


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Will Ferrell
Chloe Grace Moretz
Samual L Jackson
Anthony Hopkins
Will Smith
Scarlet Johann-son
Chris Hemsworth

Just a few I could think of I don't know many actors or actresses


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Timothy Robins
Morgan Freeman
Sigourney Weaver
Robin Williams Awakenings
Robert De Niro
Russell Crowe A Beautiful Mind
Jeff Bridges Starman
Karen Allen Starman
^I really like Jennifer Lawrence's performance in Winter's Bone, one of my all time favourite movies. I like how off screen she is comfortable being herself, derpy and clutsy. She also had social anxiety when she was younger


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Recently I have watched some of John Hurt's movies, I think he's a pretty decent actor(have a bit of a crush on him in his younger days). Some favorites of mine are Elephant Man, Watership Down, The Shout , ect.
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Jeremy Jordan is my current favorite actor. He has an incredible singing voice and has been on Broadway. Right now he is in the show Supergirl.

I also love Stephen Colbert.