Exercise Log


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I have a 10km in 3 weeks. Going through a rough stretch, ran 6km slowly my heart rate was 154. A week or so ago, I ran 8 minutes quicker and my heart rate was 138.


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I have my own setup at home, I have a unit where I can perform chin ups, pull ups, dips, leg raises etc. I have been using it to perfect my pistol squats. Aside from that I have been using bands as well as push ups and bodyweight lateral delt raises/ . I must say that the past month has seen the greatest increase in such a span of time of all my years training. I was once sceptical that this would be impossible without weights, but success.

I would like to transition to jump rope for cardio, but haven't the space as of yet. Finding a more suitable arrangement has proven difficult. My left knee has been quite sore the past week, so I've been using a spinning bike.