Exercise Log


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Okay, as we all know, exercising is a wonderful way to let our fears and anxieties go away for a few minutes and a wonderful way to feel good/better about ourselves. This thread is supposed to serve, much like the title says, as an exercise log. Everytime you exercise, you come here and you make a note of your progress or simply of what sort of exercise you did. This will, hopefully, help a few of us who don't have enough energy or willpower to go out there and use the treadmill for half an hour or lift some weights.

C'mon people, let's do this.

I, for one, walked 25 minutes to work and 25 minutes back (I know it's not exercising per se, but it does burn quite a few calories), did 25 more minutes on the "elíptica" (it's a treadmill-like machine that sort of simulates the workout you'd get from skiing) and then lifted some weights. I'll probably work on my abs before going to work or going to bed and I should really do more abs throughout the day to really burn some fat and build muscle; same goes for weight lifting.

Your turn (and I'm also talking to you, 2Crowded :))


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Hey, I like this thread :D I've been trying to motivate myself to exercise for a while now and this might just help!

Mine's not very impressive compared to yours, Sacrament, but I walked for 30 mins to get to work this morning :wink:


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*dusts off post*

Half an hour on the stepper and some stretches.

Really want to start running but I haven't done it in years and I'm worried that I'll pull something. Plus I don't like the thought of people watching me puffing along looking all breathless and unfit, lol :oops:


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I had a really hard workout yesterday. I worked my legs (quads + hamstrings). But for some reason I have diffculty breathing, I don't know if this is due to depression or some sort of illness. It drives me crazy.


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Ok...I heard my name mentioned....I must be loved I guess :)

I do pretty much the same things everyday (only thing that differs minumaly from day to day right now....would be the distance & calories burned).... (3 hours) of stationary bike & 1000 reps on the cardioglide (35-40 minutes)...my equipment is rather outdated.... so I may have to take a picture of them to give you a better idea of what they look like one of these days...I would love a new stationary bike...but I havent found one that I can afford yet that has the quality I want.

I should mention probably that I do have some weights that I was using maybe 4 months back now....but as my routine got longer I stopped lifting those because my workout was taking to long....that & the cardioglide machine works alot of the muscles that I was focusing on with the weights anyway.


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Lol, good luck 2Crowded, hope it's not very torturous today!

I've come home from work cos I don't feel well, so the only exercise I've had today is a marathon sleeping session :roll:


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Thank you princess...... It did hurt pretty bad today, more than normal...not sure why realy....it just did....but I'm done now so it's all good.

.....but goodluck with your snoozing too :lol:


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Ouch, poor Crowded. At least you can feel proud that you finished it though. I tend to wuss out halfway through if it starts to hurt, lol!

Not only have I snoozed lots, I've also eaten a whole tub of Ben n Jerry's. Yep, having a really healthy day here... :lol:


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Have started at a gym and been going three mornings a week for the past month or so. I'm finding it definitely helps with anxiety, especially when you push yourself to the point of exhaustion on the treadmill. Get there and run for about 10 mins, weights for about 40 mins then run again at the end until i'm almost dead. I find for the rest of the day i'm less likely to have anxidety symptoms cos i've used up so much adrenaline. So i recommend a hard cardio session to anyone with anxiety.


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I swim for an hour and I feel great. Happy, confident and just plain great. Exercise is fantastic for everything emotional and physical.

I been a lazy moo lately and need to get back in the swing of things.

Glad you guys are keeping fit, well done.

Peace xxx