Do you procrastinate?


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I do. A lot. I procrastinate because of my anxiety, and, in turn, my anxiety gets worse because I haven't done what I need to's a vicious cycle.


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I do. A lot. I procrastinate because of my anxiety, and, in turn, my anxiety gets worse because I haven't done what I need to's a vicious cycle.
It's almost a cruel joke, isn't it. Do you procrastinate across the board, or only certain things?

I procrastinate via distractions. When I'm about to approach something I need/want to do, I find something else I'm needing/wanting to do, and when I near that task, another need/want arises - or I go back to the first - and nothing ever really gets finished. Or if I somewhat complete something I find a flaw or something unsatisfactory about it and have to redo it. Ugh!


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I could probably get some cleaning or something done but I'd rather procrastinate. I can't really do anything else.


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everyone procrastinates a bit, but it becomes a problem when you procrastinate every day ,50 times a day, and you dont cant get anything done because you dont feel like it, and you probably wont feel like it tomorrow and the next day and so on.


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When I have something important to do, I find great pleasure procrastinating by doing other chores. For example, I have an assignment due for Thursday, but any time I go to start it, I end up doing something else completely different, but still semi-productive.

I usually tidy my entire room then turn to Youtube and learn lots about some completely unrelated topic to what I'm supposed to be learning about. Lately I've been learning a lot about Chemistry and Math...which sadly isn't relevant to what I'm supposed to be doing..heh.


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I struggle with it all the time. the hardest thing is because I feel so depressed when I contemplate how I will overcome or get something done-
but I managed to find a way to crow bar my way out. I use a to do list and calendar and write that out everyday. I am not successful every day, I just keep returning to it. it is still a struggle.


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Yep. I read somewhere that procrastination is a form of perfectionism, which makes sense. Social anxiety sometimes can be tied to perfectionism.. They go hand in hand don't they


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I think some days it may be related to fatigue, but even when I feel good and energized I have trouble focussing and getting things done. Even house hold chores, which is why my place is almost always a mess.

I find though that being accountable for goals is about the only thing that gets me going. For example, when someone visits I don't want my place to be a mess so I clean. Sadly it doesn't really come naturally and when I do it, it's a struggle, especially when tired.

I sometimes find writing a goal down, doing it and having small meditation breaks inbetween helps.


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Yes, I'm a master of procrastination. All that goal setting, writing a to-do list stuff just sounds unappealing and ineffective to me. Sometimes though, I do actually get work done, usually when the deadline is only hours away. Starting the work is difficult but becomes more tolerable after 10 minutes or so.


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I do procrastinate, especially on tasks that I don't enjoy doing. But I still force myself to do them. I take long breaks in between until I get them done.


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I'm the queen of procrastination. My life has been at a standstill for 6 years, all because of ruddy anxiety... Makes you especially comscious of it when you're the last of your acquaintances to marry/have kids/have a proper career etc.