Do you have bad memory loss?


I remember every detail of my life, from 1978 (age 3)

But I think I have a horrifying problem of a 10 second memory

Can't use the telephone

Can read and write here and us email. I can see photos

When meeting a new person, I have their name(s) written down and it can take a bit of checking in the waiting room. Mr. Smith! :) "Hi! I am "me" :)

Once we start speaking, I have big problems answering questions. All I can do is come with are imaginary questions they might have asked, struggling to appear normal. I respond with "yeah, I'm fine" :)

nod... nod!!


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I have terrible memory.

I honestly think if it were a little better I'd call myself an intelligent individual.

It's been like this all my life. That's why I never liked some classes that require a decent ammount of data retention. So I always did well in math, physics, but not history or biology.

It seems that the only thing my memory is good at is for bad memories: humiliations, repents, etc.


My long term memory is perfect. I can recall conversations/situtations happened many years ago, the way a person was behaving in conversation, even the clothes they were wearing. But my short term memory is a total failure. I think the goldfish has better memory capabilites than me. That's why I am prone to making mistakes all the time. And I am just 21.
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I have a decent memory. If I'm focusing on what's happening, I don't forget. But sometimes, when I'm like anxious in the situation or daydreaming and drifting from the situation at hand, I will forget something. I remember loads of things from childhood and from MS and HS and college. A lot of things I wish I could forget but I can't. Memory is a process that involves attention and something strong to associate with it so that it can be locked into memory.


I used to have a GREAT memory until about 21, (now 43) when I started a pedal bike store. It was at that time that I started taking benzodiazapenes. (And also lots more stress due to my bike store. Imagine, a social phobic in retail. Did I take a beating!!!) Sometimes I wonder if it is the medicine, but realistically probably my severe anxiety is the culprit. It's weird in that I can remember numbers, such as that of the parents of my college roommate, but at times have trouble remembering my brothers wife's name, or if I took my medicine in the morn. Just recently I was at the vet and the receptionist asked me, after my appt., what the follow-up would be with my dog. I could not remember.

I notice that when my anxiety is worse, also then my memory is correspondingly worse.

The Lost

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I've had brain fog for several years, affecting memory, motor skills and speech patterns. Not severe, but still very noticeable. People think I'm clumsy or just stupid by nature because of it. The best way I've been able to combat this is by keeping an active brain - frequent routine changes, exposure to new stimuli, and a good diet! The last one is most important.


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I have a problem with memory loss too I can`t remember names. I will read somthing and then I will forget about it almost instantly. if your looking for anwers about this problem the only thing that I can thank of is joy somthing about joy and happyness is suppost to help.
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Hmmm... Interesting. I do have bad memory loss. I mean, my mind can collect some memories and stuff but I noticed is not like the rest of my family. My brother remembers EVERYTHING and when I say everything I am not joking, about our childhood. Me on the other hand, just have blurry images of very few things. I can't either remember much of my family members that I used to share a lot with when I was little and tend to forget lots of stuff if it happens recently. It has me bit worried not being able to collect my own thoughts.


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When I am depressed my memory is terrible. When I am not depressed my memory has been described as spectacular


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^Same for me. My mind keeps sticking to the bad memories rather than the good ones. Fortunately, I have adopted a positive attitude to counter the bad memories.


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I write a lot of my good memories down in a journal so I can relive them. At times it is hard to have space for a memory, when there are so many thoughts running through my mind.


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Yeah, my memory has always been poor, although I hesitate to say terrible (it might just be that I want to fool myself heh).


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^Same for me. My mind keeps sticking to the bad memories rather than the good ones. Fortunately, I have adopted a positive attitude to counter the bad memories.
Many of us here have that exact problem, unfortunately, but you've done something about yours, which is great. :)

I think I actually have better memory now than I used to. I think depression and anxiety stopped me from remembering details in my teens and early 20's, especially depression. I can remember more now, although I have some more brain training to go yet.

I've always been really good with names. I met a guy this morning for the first time ever at work. He told me his name. Dennis. I will always remember that now.


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I can remember technical things with work or learning new things..but cant remember little details like things I have said before or something someone else said..


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When people cause me pain/stress I always remember but the good times I can't remember at all. I tend to remember everyone I meet though most of the time. Probably because everyone causes me pain/stress.


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I've felt that my memory weakness stems from my anxiety and I'm keen to know if there are studies go prove this.

My long term memory is fine - I can recollect family memories when I was a kid and school and educational years. But I've found whenever I'm anxious for a situation and I go through that situation, if a few days later you asked me what I and another person had discussed, I would struggle to remember the specifics. The symptoms of anxiety envelop me so that I just have not much of a memory.

I hope it's not just me who experiences this because I find it infuriating especially when they are important things that I need to remember FFS..