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  • Hi nicole. I was in the chat and say you say "Hello -lo -lo -lo" and I don't know if you're still there. I have to check back after this message but I saw ImNotMyIllness's vistor message and I agree with him. I think at some point I THOUGHT about being a journalist but I do think it's an amazing/interesting job. I wish I could write really good but my mind is completely dead when it comes to writing. I'd probably confuse people and get no where. But I still wish I could write good and have a nice blog. I doubt I could ever do that. The fact that I say that makes it true :( So if you want to be a journalist. Go do it.
    Hey Nicole. I read your thread about wanting to go to a hospital to get your life on track. I know the feeling of being burnt out (been there before many times). So you want to be a journalist. Why not write about mental health? It's something that MORE people are becoming interested in (dare I say, almost in vogue...i.e Silver Lining Playbook movie). You're in a unique position to write about it. Maybe add nutrition, work place stress as other complimentary topics and you have something that you can really sink your teeth into. Hell, you can even put an international spin on it and discuss other countries.....you know, so it's just not a one-dimensional topic. Mental heath threads through ALL aspects of our lives i.e SEX, POWER etc..........lot of fun stuff. Just an idea. :)
    thanks, sorry as i don't visit this page too often, seems I don't keep track of the messages,

    I'll pay more attention, how are you?
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