Do you have any celebrity crushes?


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Jensen Ackles




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Avril Lavigne, hell yea


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It's funny the person before me posted Avril Lavigne pictures.

I was gonna write about my Avril Lavigne crushes back in Grade 10, 2004, 2005. That obsession was for awhile.

I kinda have an obsession with Jennifer Lawrence, but it's mostly her long neck, lol.

I had many obsessions ovr the years, a few people obsessions too. Usually thy would be my favorite charcter from my TV show or movie I really like.


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Mandy Moore is cute , beautiful , you should see her in the movies

I have seen a few movies which Mandy Moore has starred in. Dedication being my personal favourite - it's not a very well-known movie, though. Followed closely by Disney movie Tangled, in which she voiced Rapunzel.
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I don't know how to post a picture so I have to put it in attachment. I remember when I was younger I used to really fancy (well I suppose I still do lol) you know malcolm in the middle, the older brother francis the native american girl he gets married to called piama.


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For some reason I secretly like Joaquin Phoenix. And when he was younger, like a teenager and twenties, he was so sexy!

Other people probably would think I'm weird, but I have weird taste lol.


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Morten harket (from a-ha)

as he was back in the 80s


to this day i still get goose bumps when i see old interviews/videos of him

such a sex god :D