Do you have a parent in denial of their own mental illness?

Do you have a parent who is in denial of their own mental illness?

  • YES - I have a mentally ill parent who will not admit it.

    Votes: 23 48.9%
  • NO - They are mentally ill and admit it.

    Votes: 8 17.0%
  • NO - I do not have a parent with mental illness.

    Votes: 16 34.0%

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Do you have a parent (at least one, if not both) who is in denial of their own mental illness?
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I guess my mom has anxiety and depression to some extent. Back when my grandmother was going through chemotherapy and living with us, my mom got a prescription for Zoloft. She is still on it.

I got some of my mental problems from genetics from my mom's side of the family. My grandmother had depression. Her life might have been worse if it was for my mother/our family helping her and making sure she always had a place to stay (we had a trailer she bought put on our property for her).

My dad has said more than once that he probably should/should be on something, he is just too stubborn to be. He functions just fine though.


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My parents both have forms of mental illnesses and have gone through depression multiple times and experienced anxiety and taken medication for their illnesses-- and they openly admit it and talk to me about it as a way to empathize with my own illnesses.


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My moms mental, my dads has narcissistic traits. Neither will see it.
So maybe I'm the only mental one :thinking:


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Wow, yes I do. I think both my parents are mentally ill. My mother, technically, only has a "condition." My father though, I believe at some point lost touch with reality and I would not be surprised if he was diagnosed as insane. He's not that old either, just 55.

My grandmother definitely suffered from hallucinations. My father also refused to admit she was mentally ill. She only got medication during the last few years of her life after revealing her hallucinations to a doctor, who reported my father, and then Adult Protective Services got involved.


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I come from a long line of women with emotional problems and my great grandma had some paranoid delusions in her later years. Mostly depression and anxiety, and they all admit it.


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My father has bipolar personality disorder but won't admit it.
he may have something else too, his social skills are abysmal even though he's not shy and has had a lot of social interaction during all his life.


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Yes. My father has narcissistic traits and anxiety, and is deeply traumatized by his childhood. He is also an alcoholic, but won't admit it. He thinks he once had problems with alcohol, but that he managed to control it before he became an alcoholic. The truth is he has been drinking beers everyday for decades, sometimes 12 beers a day, and he doesn't think that's a problem.


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My mother is very similar to me, we both have social anxiety and both talk about it. My dad i think has some big issues with his past he hasn't confronted and he can be in denial about how he is sometimes. But i do love them both, they just have their own issue's like all of us :)


My mom admits she has some mental illnesses.

Now I do not think my dad has mental illnesses but he does have some anger problems that need to be taken into serious consideration. :(