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  • I'm glad to hear it Zharl :). I'm getting back into running again, starting to feel much better.
    I'm sorry that you understand that pain. It makes me happy to hear that it isn't consistent which means you get breaks from it and that's great.
    well I won't do anything dumb just yet. I've given myself a certain time to maybe figure things out but,without getting too much into it, it won't work because nothing ever changes. But ill try to stick it out as long as I can,however all I can say is some of us are genuinely tired of being here and we just don't want anymore of it. Oh and I have come across the link you were talking about. Thanks again for that :thumbup:
    hey. Thanks for the friend invite. All I can say is maybe one day I can have a conversation with you about the issues going on with me, but I guess I'm not ready at the moment. I do appreciate it though I really do. Looking forward to having some good chats with you in the future.
    Dreams are so weird

    Yet interesting and make a lot of sense when I look up meanings.

    I dream of foxes... I like foxes.

    The past few I had were death related. Dead fox, scatter body on a high way near a school (I'm not in school anymore).

    Maybe that was just a sign that my last relationship was coming to an end. Which was very much needed. Ugh.. I hate even talking about it...
    It's good for me, too. A bit struggling with uni, but I will be fine xd. Glad it is going well for you.
    Thank you, sir! I don't know if I am worthy to be mentioned in the same sentence alongside the dark master, but I am honored by the suggestion. Cheers!
    Ah, what's been tough about it so far? That's cool you're teaching, that's something I've considered doing. I'd have to go back to school and get my life together a little, but the idea of learning people appeals to me. What do you teach?
    AH, I can relate on the busy-ness front, working two jobs right now! One is relieving pizza's though, which reminded me of how I am around people, wanting me to come here again!
    Why hello! I've my ups and downs, life's natural course and all that. I have lot's of good things going on in my life, my perspective is a little cracked though. How have things been for you?
    I never tried those kinds of indie games. I may play sometime because I like those kind of tactical and rpg games in general, I guess that's what roguelike means? But I am a fan of trying indie horror games. Most of them are bad though.

    Hey, to each his own. I've played some games that my friends laughed at :D.
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