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  • Hi.I meant when did your anxiety start to become a big problem in your life.Actually what you mentioned about the role of culture in anxiety probably was a more interesting question.It would be interesting to know what you think.

    My brother went on holiday to Turkey a few years okay and he seemed to enjoy it.I find places that have a distinctive way of life,alot of history and a strong culture interesting.I like learning new things.For example I did know what the currency in your country was,till I looked it up.
    Hi.Alot of the people on the site are from the US so I just persumed you were too,since your location is not on your profile.Your written English is very impressive.Is there a gig music scene in the bigger Turkish cities?

    To be honest there are so many concerts filmed and sold on dvd that you can get the festival experience at home for a fraction of the cost.Unfortunetly with the cost of trains,ticket prices,going to see a big band like Muse, etc in London were I live, can cost up to £60 (260 TRY).The huge groups like U2,Rolling Stones can cost twice or more.Each country has things going for them culturally.To you mind me asking when your anxiety issues kicked in.

    My brother bought me an Alterbridge live in London dvd for christmas or a birthday,I forget which.Apart from the swearing from Myles Kennedy,I really enjoyed it.No travelling involved.
    Sorry about slow response again.Im not keen on crowds at all to be honest but Im better at zoning out and finding my own headspace and maintaning my personal space.How about you?

    Really loud sound systems at a big gig is anoyying due to distortion plus not good for the ears.The gig with Slipnot and the rest sounded good.Was it a festival?

    Im quite proud in a way that some of the biggest festivals in Europe and some of the best known ones are hosted in England.Glastonbury, Reading abd Leeds,Donnington.They do tend to very expensive though,not ghat I have been to any but I watch them on tv.The BBC shows Glastonbury live on tv and has for years,which is great.What are some of the biggest festivals in the US? I know there are a number of festivals across the pond.
    Hi.I posted this message to my page by mistake.Just realized my mistake.

    I could not tell whether you disliked being in the crowd at gigs or not.Well the bigger the venue,the more microphone strength etc is needed.A smaller intimate gig can sometimes be the best kind.The big venues often really up the noise level to the point were the music starts to distort and you can not hear the words.

    I like being able to see the band actually with my own eyes rather than on a monitor,screen at the gig.I saw Deftones,Manic street preachers,Good Charlotte at different concerts.
    Rogue like is kind of like...starting over each time you die. Randomly generated, etc. I've never really done indie horror or horror in general, as I have somewhat weak constitutions.
    Hi.Hope you like Alterbridge if you listen to them.Its a nice feeling when you find a band you have not heard before,escpically when they have a number of albums to enjoy.I only started listening to Alice in Chains,Alterbridge,Creed within the last year or so and I have bought most of their albums.

    Alice in chains for me is more hit and miss song wise.Some songs I really like whilst others less so but I can still appreciate them.Do you have groups like that?

    Actually I think Muscle museum is from their first or second album.I like Space Dementia,Showbiz,Super massive black hole,butterflies and huricanes,sing for Absolution.I have only seen three or four bands live in concert but I will never forget the feelings the magic etc once the music began.Have you been to any gigs,concerts?
    Oh, mostly indie games on steam--as that's what my computer can handle. I'm into rogue-likes like the BOI and Tower of Guns. I haven't had much time for them at the moment though, so most of my time has gone into idle games like Clicker Heroes and AdVenture Capitalist, since I can get work done at the same time. Kind of sad to admit I've been playing those, but yeah...I've been playing those. How about you?
    Sorry about slow response.I have not been feeling well.

    If you like Blackbird then thers are plenty of other equally strong Alterbridge songs that you might also like.Songs like Metalingus,ties that bind,isolation,I know it hurts,brand new start.They have five albums or so in their back catologue.

    I use to be a huge Muse fan,but when they changed their sound to being less guitar lead I became less keen on them but I still like them.I listen more to to their earlier albums like Absolution.I love when Belamy gets on the piano.I think he is classically trained.A few years back I saw them in concert and it was great. Do you have any favourite Muse songs.
    Hi.I would class Megadeth as heavy metal or rock but its quite complex the different genres of this kind of music.I like alot of rock music such as Alice in chains,Linkin park,Muse,U2, Creed, Alterbridge, Sevendust ,Shunkanasie to name a few.I like some rnb,classical also but I listen to mainly rock.

    Which bands,artists do you like.Its anoyying when bands dont make it past two albums so thats one good thing about groups like Megadeth,Alterbridge,Alice in chains,which have lots of albums.
    Hi.So you seem to like Megadeth but there are not your favourite band.Fair enough.I only have three albums by them and apart from Holy war,I had not heard of the songs you listed.That comes from them having released so many songs and albums.A big back catalogue.I like these kind of bands.

    Mmm.I guess I like the typical well known songs such as almost honest,trust,world needs a hero,use the man,loosing my senses,1000 times goodbye.Big Megadeth fans may notice alot of these songs are from the albums Creptic writtings and The world needs a hero.I love these albums.

    Lyrics are important to me along with distinctive guitar playing.Politically minded lyrics , societal and emotional based are my favourite types of lyrics.
    Hi.I noticed you posted a Megadeth song in a forum.Im a fan of theirs too.Do you have any favourite songs by them and what do you like about their music
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