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  • Thanks for that, even if it was on the coattails of the good standing mr.b. It's a shame I didn't get to know know him better before his departure from this site,
    lolzzz that was ages ago , i asked about 25 people on here to marry me just to see how many replys i got :D hahahahahaha , and yea im ok lol , how about you :)
    Zachary Harl has been recognized for bravery and resilience. Among his many achievements are entering The Chatbox in a most absurd manner without losing composure, subsequent habitation of The Chatbox for the duration of several months and providing a good example for the Chatbox dwellers through ample usage of sarcasm and puns...

    I hereby award you with this medal for showing great courage in the face of the most sick and depraved opposition known to mankind.

    ...congratz lol
    Haha yeah, that shaggy creature is me! I'm not sure what people would expect, though. I am, in fact, Hippiechild ::p:

    PS: Get a haircut you damn almost-hippie!
    Hi zharl,sorry for the late reply,im not too active these days as a mod due to personal problems.you might be better asking Remus,but i promise i will look into it for you when i can.
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