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    Did I Really Hurt My friends Feelings?

    I just found out my best friend recently had a baby and I haven't seen him in ten years he was my first friend I've known him since kindergarten I always hated him because he never came in contact but now I think maybe he wasn't such a bad guy and maybe I just never came in contact with him when...
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    Confident only when hated

    I just realized I'm only confident when I'm hated but when I'm liked I shy away from people... wtf lol.
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    Selective Relations

    Whatever I do I have no enthusiasm to meet strangers even if I'm not really afraid I just see no point and that in itself makes me not want to do it and I even do my best to get away from it. My friend on the other hand wants to do nothing but that he goes on dating sites all the time just to...
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    Post what you cannot say

    That guy who is insane is also a douche.
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    My Psychic Experience

    Man dies, comes back to life, what he saw - YouTube I came across this video on yt and I guess a lot of people may not believe it anyway it wasn't documented or anything but I believe it. It reminded me of my own afterlife experience, when I was 7 years old I was at my grandparents house...
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    Time Travel

    Ever since I was young I've always wanted to travel back in time and not just travel back in time but it's like the past always gives me good memories of what were when in actuality it probably wasn't as good. The more I get bored with the present gets me thinking about the past and I don't...
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    Do You Wish You Lived Somewhere Else?

    For me preferably I'd either like to live in San Francisco or North Carolina one of the blue states more likely one more so than the other. I just really despise where I live I feel if I lived somewhere else I would get out more and just enjoy being outside, instead I live in a place where...
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    When One Person Hates Me Everyone Seems Too

    I can have really good days and really bad ones but they all seem to rely on how people treat me if they treat me bad it's like I'm cursed or something. I was talking to my friendgirl (lol) online and she is so beautiful and so nice she's the only person in the world who knows everything about...
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    Do You Believe In Bad Luck?

    Whenever bad things happen to me I become unhappy and whenever I'm unhappy I get this streak of bad luck that I can't seem to shake off and the vicious cycle continues. When people are nice and friendly to me it seems to create this ripple effect and all of a sudden more people approach me...
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    Really Mean Woman!

    I was chatting online to this girl not so long ago I couldn't believe my luck! It's like I couldn't escape her, literally. I tried to but every time I did she would always try to engage me in conversation even when I'm to nervous:eek: Anyway long story short she had stopped talking to me and I...
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    I Don't Want To Be Your Friend I Just Want To Be Your Lover!

    Sometimes because I don't have a relationship and I'm always lonely all the time I think to myself wouldn't it be easier if I was just gay and my friend was gay? I mean I wouldn't have to introduce myself because we already know each other and we know each others personalities real well too. In...
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    Post what you cannot say

    You kept me around just for fun but you don't know how hard I tried for you. In the end all you did was break my heart ::(:
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    OCD or Sex addiction, Reverse Pocd?

    Ever since I was a little kid all I could do was think about sex I thought it was normal but not to this extent at a young age. There was a time when I was molested I can't remember if it has anything to do with it or not but after wards I didn't feel bad but didn't enjoy it still I would always...
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    Have You Ever Ran Into a Really Mean Person Before ?

    Like someone who picks on you constantly or bullies you around? I've been bullied around recently but it's been going around for 19 months now, it seems whenever I show weakness that's the only time they strike. It's pretty bad too he's real detached and deceptive when he found out my mother had...
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    Don't buy music from iTunes!

    It turns out Australians are being charged up to double the price of the US and Britain to download music, movies and games from Apple's iTunes. An album can cost $10.99 on Australian iTunes compared with $US6.99 for American customers and £5.99 in Britain. A movie can cost $24.99 in...