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  • Hey, Evi! I'm Matt. I used to talk to you back in 2014 or so? Anyway, I don't really remember why, but somehow we lost touch. I couldn't find your Facebook profile either. Out of nothing but friendliness and curiosity, I wanted to see how you've been! :)
    Hi! :)
    Your nickname is like that song's, you know?
    I like that song :)
    And I just adore "Butterfly effect"!
    And this song in the movie at that time... it gives me goosebumps.
    Have you seen "Butterfly effect"?
    Hi! You tried to talk to me a couple of times but I had some problems using the chat... :( Can you send me a visitor message or private message? I think it would make things a lot easier! How are you going?
    Hi there, I accidentally clicked off your chat message and it didn't give me the option to reply to you. So I thought I'd leave a message on your wall. Anyway, that's cool about studying computing software development. How are you finding the course? As for my catering course, I'm on my second week so far, and I'm finding it a a bit overwhelming to be honest. What with having to meet so many new people, and learning sooooooooo much information, my mind is now beginning to feel a tad frazzled. But I’m hoping it will all get easier for me after a while
    This website won't let me answer Anyone like on the chat thingy so sorry if I don't respond if anyone wants to talk please look me up on Skype thanks! Not talk in person just to chat!
    Just joined here and saw that you visited my page. I hadn't posted my info yet, but after looking at yours I noticed you and I both play guitar. Sweet!
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