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  • Just stopping by to say hi. How are you doing? I think I remember you being from Lebanon? (scary times over there). Hope you're safe and well! :)
    Hi Temp :) How's you? I saw your comment on one of my topics. I'm sorry I haven't gotten back to you earlier, since it's months ago. But I just saw it. *oops*.

    You have asked me if I am still on Risperdal, No, I quit because I thought it affected my emotions too much, but still I think there was a good side about risperdal, was that I was more calm and rational, but yet my emotions were ''low''. if you know what I mean.

    Now I am on Zyprexa, it's sort of the same, but yet less side effects. Are you still taking treatment?

    Risperdal hasn't affected my voice as far as I can remember, maybe it has made my voice a little more low, only a little bit. How about yours?

    I hope you are doing okay and I am wondering if you have any other diagnosis than SA, since you take Risperdal?

    Have a great day :)

    Yes I hope it's just temporary! I've had it for my whole life so i think i'll have it forever but it goes up and down. :)
    Haha, thanks. I like The Simpsons and having characters as an avatar seems like a good idea. :)
    Hey girl,

    would you like to talk, you have bdd too, so maybe we can chat about some stuff.
    and i can't believe you think you are ugly, you look pretty on the picture, prettier than i am, so be happy.

    oh , and how's your day going

    lol , i hope your doing good

    oh I see.. beach party sounds like a lot of fun :)
    Im good, just struggling with my discipline. I need to study for 3 tests that are on thuesday and no luck so far haha :P
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