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  • Yeah, but no one reads my stuff::p:! But, I'll post it on here anyway.

    Oh? What will you do with all of that free time after it's over?
    I'm not gone..... at least not yet::p:. I might post my recent project on here soon:).

    How's yoga class going? You were really looking forward to it:).
    Does this make more sense now? :D

    Well, Phoenixx, if you feel lonely, then you can make some new friends:). Or you can visit here. If all else fails, you can visit my realm::p:.
    Ah, so you must be like me, who comes up with ideas on the go::p:. Well, good luck with that, Phoenixx:). I'm sure you'll keep us posted on your current events.
    Ah, well, I'm sure that you're gonna do just as good, if not better:). Good luck with that. Have any other plans as to what you want to get done this semester?
    How did you do in your last yoga class:)?

    So, what are you going to yoga class for? Is it for the exercise, tranquility, working the kinks out of your joints, or something I'm missing::p:?
    Hm, your last yoga class sounded simple enough. But, I suppose we're different; I actually prefer to read, rather than do, if only because I don't like to be seen doing things or be judged by others on my quality of performance. So, due to yoga, I can guess that you're pretty flexible?
    I've got plenty of fires to light underneath you::p:!

    Yoga? Is this part of your schedule or just going to the gym:eek:?
    Do you feel more energetic?

    I'll be going back on campus before the week ends and school starts soon after. Right now, I'm just preparing to go back. Getting my things together and renewing my permit because I was too scared to go driving::eek::.
    Going up and down. There have been times when my mood hit its peak and times when I wanted nothing more than to lie down and never get back up. But, here I am::p:.

    So, how's the new diet working for you?
    I'm doing okay. College's going well although I'm having a hard time adjusting with my roommate. Thank you, I'm glad you're alright. :)
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