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  • But I wanna thank you for being a part of my life in past. I drove you away and you probably won't ever come back, but still.
    I still care about you. Maybe you don't believe but I do. You probably won't be logging in and reading this but... I miss you.
    Sorry to tell you this but that means you're slowly turning into a snowman! But i hope your knee gets better soon, so you can sport again and stay human:) Btw, work is alright like 2 weeks when i have a conversation with them if i can keep working there or not. And no free supermarket stuff for you, otherwise i will be fired you dumb$ss, Joke ^_^ So how are you gonna celebrite x-mas and newyear? with Sushi?? I'm just celebriting it with family and we have like 2 x-mas dinners i guess:3

    X-mas greets from me and Luffy:

    And them:

    And him:
    @picture, hahahah you wish omg.

    Ugh, too bad about your knee. How did it happen? I hope it will heal fast. And too bad you gained weight, so did i. I'm setting a goal for no soda and energy drink for a month, but it's gonna be hard with x-mas and new year but i'll try. Btw, it sucks that you can't work out or play basketball now.

    Thanks for the grats, i like the job i'm in^_^ how's school?
    Oh btw, there is an anime multiplayer game that i wanna play soon, the European version is in beta now and i was too late to sign up for it to test it. It's called Dragon Nest:) maybe you wanna play as well and hopefully sushi too.

    dun dun dun, he's coming soon:
    mg, that mustache is so badass! It must take lots of time to get it in that model.
    Well, even when she has time she won't look it up so fast, but i will remind her. Whaha, i was gonna ask you the same but i don't know anyone. You know anyone?

    (btw, i got a job as counterdesk/kassa worker at a supermarket)
    lols, he looks more awesome than the original Santa. And yeah i need to lose weight as well.
    Oh, my mom is freaking busy this month :/ no idea when she will help.
    And you tell me when you know when you wanna come here, okie. And that boat looks like heaven omg :3 As the Japclaus i will send you thousands of presents for being such a good buddy!
    Yeah, Sushi showed me some songs of that band when we were all webcamming and it was nice. And yeah it's true that you suck at learning lyrics and anything else, joke. You suck at everything! Did you two go to the concert already? Anyway about manga and anime i've to admit that i like anime more, but omg, after reading Naruto manga i can't wait to see it in anime! it's gonna blow away your mind.

    Hmmm, i'm not sure about prizes about the places where you could stay here. If i ask my mom she says she will check it out but nothing happens -_-. but if i remember i will ask her today again^^ I will let you know okie..
    About my plans, ofcourse i won't tell me noob...... but i can give you the hint that i will steal all cool toys and food of Japan soon:D omg, have you tried making sushi with sushi?

    (nice picture though but this picture is cooler,dunno why he wears a crown??? maybe it's a girl)
    You two are a funny couple:p but i guess you never get bored with so much fun, nerdies! Let me know whenever you think in what period you want to visit me with Sushi and i will ask my mom once again for a cheap place. Oh, i didn't know Shanks was a pirate lord o wow, then he is my favorite too i guess ^__^. Can't wait for Luffy to meet Shanks and if they gonna fight it will blow away my mind:3 The serie goes better and better and i'm glad i can control myself from reading the manga %[email protected]#$#[email protected] anyhow, have you already planned where you gonna celebrite xmas and new year?
    btw, nice picture you got there. I got mine from just random googling like i always do^^
    Sushiland haha, i'm glad you enjoyed your time there with sushi in sushiland while eating sushi:) what else did ya do?? btw, i'm alright but still looking for a job >.< i wonder if you and sushi still wanna come to visit my hometown. And yes, i seen the new episode and i'm so curious about Luffy vs Big mama, Luffy got himself into trouble once again lol. I also wanna know about the other 3 pirate lords:O
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