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    Transitioning benzos??

    I've been on Ativan for roughly 3 years, I take it as needed (1 - 2mg). Recently my anxiety has been acting up and I've been needing to take it more. I've built a tolerance and can not feel much if at all with 2mg anymore. My doc said 2mg is the max dose at one time (4x daily). So she perscribed...
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    Help please, (I have returned 3 years later)

    Hello, I will begin by saying this is likely to be a long post. First off, hello again, I was an active member on SPW for a while about 3 years ago. Sorry I left, I had life obligations and things happened. I doubt anyone remembers me from my brief time back then. Anyways quick update: I have...
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    Is their anything wrong with this (the way i view life)

    Warning: this is a depressing/sad thread so if you cant handle it, dont keep reading. anyways i personally dont see anything wrong with the way i view life, its just been my experience and i wont change no matter what. its sorta a rant to so sorry about that. (keep in mind these are my views and...
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    Gaming Addiction

    Hi again, try not to judge me or laugh. I play xbox a lot but only on the weekends. i play like 8 hours on friday after school and like 16 hours on saturday and like 12 hours on sunday, would you call this addiction? its one of my favorite hobbys and its really the only thing that takes my mind...
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    Help Fast! With a crush

    hahaha this is gonna sound ridiculous i know, but still i need help quick, tomorrow is my schools last day before break and i want to ask this girl out before winter break. but idk if she likes me, im pretty sure she does. We talk a lot and she always seems to be interested in me and we always...
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    Uknown Disorder?

    So i know a lot of you may have heard my problems and stuff, sorry if i talk to much. but i have ocd, depression, anxiety, and bdd, and adhd, and some other stuff. but i have this really really weird mental illness actually idk what it is. its very bizarre and random and hard to explain but ill...
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    Bad Ads From Chris

    hey guys i just wanted to post this guy's youtube channel up for people to watch. he's hilarious but he doesn't have very many views so i thought i geuss this could give him some more. basically he just puts up ads for various things and when people show up he just messes with them but they dont...
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    Accurate Love Quiz

    ok this is stupid, i know that. but i took this quiz on youtube on who the person i loved was, cause i was pretty desperate and was just looking up that kinda stuff on youtube. anyways i did the quiz (feeling stupid the whole time) and i was shocked at the answers they actually were almost all...
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    My need for affection

    sorry for the length of this thread. anyways just post your comments or whatever you think about this. basically i have ocd, depression, mild social anxiety, anxiety, adhd, body dimorphic disorder, low self esteem and confidence, bipolar, maybe residual schizophrenia too were still checking...
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    Strange mood swings

    I have these weird mood swings, when im around my friends usually im fine but when ill just be walking and someone walks into me i get really pissed. i geuss it may have something to do that i have mild social anxiety and i dont like standing out in front of people so i get mad at them when...
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    Creepy thoughts!

    Okay i have a small idea where this comes from but i still am unsure. i have ocd and have weird thoughts but ive never heard of thoughts like this. now i will warn you it is gross to some people so beware. and i wouldnt call them thoughts either their more of....fantasies? i guess you could say...
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    I will pray for you

    hello, how is everyone? i just started this thread to help people feel a little better and offer some support. if you post your name, or whatever you want and what you want me to pray for you for, i will pray to God whatever you want help with or anything. so just leave want you me to pray for...
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    can anyone who has been through this, encourage me?

    this may seem its not in the right topic, so sorry. but i was wondering if anyone has ever missed a lot of high school and still turned out good. i am currently missing school and i have already missed like 5 weeks. i may miss the next 3 months because of my ocd. i am stressing over school...
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    shy even when your alone

    anyone else ever felt shy or embarrassed even when your perfectly alone and you know it. like what if someone sees me when im alone, that would be embarrassing or just make you uncomfortable?
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    Pet Peeves!

    Just a thread for posting your pet peeves or annoyances. (don't take this personally i don't want to offend anyone, these are just what annoy me) A couple of mine are second hand smoking, the fact you can see your nose in your peripheral vision, obsessive compulsive disorder, people who think...