Transitioning benzos??


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I've been on Ativan for roughly 3 years, I take it as needed (1 - 2mg). Recently my anxiety has been acting up and I've been needing to take it more. I've built a tolerance and can not feel much if at all with 2mg anymore. My doc said 2mg is the max dose at one time (4x daily). So she perscribed me with Klonopin which so far has done almost nothing. Its not really helping much at all and king of making me feel weird. Is there a transition period that I have to go through before I feel any benefit from the Klonopin or should I try a different benzo? My doctor also talked to me about Valium and a few others. Also, I was curious to see if anyone has ever been on Midazolam and what their experience was. Thank you for any comments. Im just a little scared because I feel like my safety net has been cut and I need to find a new one as soon as I can. Thank you all