shy even when your alone


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anyone else ever felt shy or embarrassed even when your perfectly alone and you know it. like what if someone sees me when im alone, that would be embarrassing or just make you uncomfortable?


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I'm sure everyone does something during their alone times that are embarrassing if someone else sees them. I know i do things that I would never do if someone else is with me, lol.

For instance, sometimes, I blast my music and dance in front of a mirror, lol. Sometimes I just need to dance my boredom out.


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That happens a lot. When I'm alone, I sometimes hear voices as if somebody was right next to me looking over my shoulder. So I don't feel truly alone. Maybe I'm imagining too much stuff. But I really would love to have total privacy at times.


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Sometimes if i think of embarrassing things that i have done or said it can make me blush even when there is no one else around.