Accurate Love Quiz


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ok this is stupid, i know that. but i took this quiz on youtube on who the person i loved was, cause i was pretty desperate and was just looking up that kinda stuff on youtube. anyways i did the quiz (feeling stupid the whole time) and i was shocked at the answers they actually were almost all correct. kinda weird. anyways im just bored
so here it is: Quiz: Who do you Love? - YouTube
Tell me what u guys think


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Well, I am glad the person I got for "who I love" was my girlfriend, that much was right at least, the rest, ehh I don't know ::p:


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hahaha yea it doesnt always work, or at least for me some were right lol. but we will have to wait and see more results. and yes i am definitely glad to see that the person you like was your girlfriend too :)


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Seems like any other quiz to me... I love my professor and apparently like some guy I had an argument with earlier today but alas can never be with. :p
My answers- and reaction to the meanings were.

01: 4.82
[I'll need to kill one quarter of a person for this.]

02: 8.34
[This is going to be difficult to time. I hope I can keep that one person 3/4th alive that long..]

03: Trixie
[Lmao. Trixie is a cartoon animated fictional horse. I hardly think so.]

04: Carmen
[..Carmen is my cat. Though, probably accurate. Though, not a person perse.]

05: Gizmo
[My other cat. I doubt he has a detailed character profile of me. ;D]

06: Nicky
[My sisters dog. He's not a star. Because he's.. you know.. a dog. He could be lucky, though!]

07: ''No.''
[Heh, how wonderfully apt]

08: Mad World
[.. Oh no you didn't!]

09: Beyond the Sea
[Lol. That's because this person is Beyond the Sea. Get it it? Eh? Eh?]

10: Winter Wrap Up
[.. Damnit. Damnit. Damnit.]

11: Somewhere Out There
[Just because I'm Dutch doesn't mean I'm constantly ''out there'' all my life..]


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1. I need to tell 13 people... Don't think I'll bother...

2. In seven days... Yeah, not going to bother.

3. I love my husband... Well, obviously. ^_^

4. My sister... Not sure I care about her more than anyone else, but still...

5. My niece... Well, I used to be closest to her, but not for years...

6. My other niece... My lucky star? I don't think so.

7. Someone on this forum who I won't name... Depends what "like" means lol. I do like the person, but I don't "like" them, though maybe in another life...

8. So, 'State of Grace' by Arena matches my husband? I find it very hard to see how... Although, he did get me to break away from religion, so perhaps there is a connection.

9. 'Attero Dominatus' by Sabaton is for the person on this forum... Again, I fail to see how... Though, maybe it does if they want to "weaken tyranny"...

10. The song which represents my mind is "Solomon" by Arena... Well, it is a personal song, but not too sure about that... More related than the others...

11. So, my view on life is represented by "Jingle Bells"... So, I'm jolly and fun and love dashing through the snow singing... Well, the singing and the snow perhaps lol.


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well, i tried to visit the url given in the video to avoid writing all that crap down. added an extra "g" in there by mistake and ended up somewhere unexpected.