Help please, (I have returned 3 years later)


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Hello, I will begin by saying this is likely to be a long post. First off, hello again, I was an active member on SPW for a while about 3 years ago. Sorry I left, I had life obligations and things happened. I doubt anyone remembers me from my brief time back then. Anyways quick update: I have OCD, GAD, Depression, Bi Polar, and was recently diagnosed with PTSD. I have had all of them under control for some time now. However sense I have been diagnosed with PTSD i have had some trouble.

I have been taking 50mg of zoloft, and 900 mg of trileptal daily for a long time now. After my PTSD sorta got bad, we've (my psychiatrist and I) have tripled the does of zoloft. I now take 150 mg daily and trileptal the same. Ive basically maxed out my zoloft dosage, I feel very weird on if I increase it any higher. Previous medications of taken for some background: Lexapro, Brintelix, Gabapentin, Abilify, Ativan as needed and some other ADHD crap which made my anxiety worse (who knew giving stimulants to someone with anxiety and bi polar was a bad idea?). Any ways I found a new doctor and she is great.

But heres where Im at now; at the start of a new semester of college, and about to have a medication shift which i have not done in years. So i am a little worried. Ive built a tolerance to ativan and have been prescribed with 2mg as needed. Even 2mg does not do a whole lot sometimes. This kinda scares me because ativan has always been my last resort and i feel like my last resort is being pulled from under me. This is unfortunate cause i was prescribed xanax as an alternative which i did not tolerate well at all.

Im most likeley about to be put on luvox so if anyone has anything to say about that, it would be appreciated. I guess what Im looking for out of this post is reassurance from people who have had shit they have gone through. Im pretty scared about going off zoloft. Also Im scared about trying a new medication. Sorry for grammar mistakes as well had to write this in a hurry. Thank you for listening to me and any comments are much appreciated. Btw, the stuff that i bolded is the stuff i really want to hear comments about, but any and all are welcome.


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I also signed up with this website several years ago and recently returned. Congratulations on doing so well for such a long time! That is a big success. :) I'm sorry you have had to return and unfortunately I don't have the answer for you. I have never tried either of the medications you mentioned so I won't be much help. Maybe google those meds and see what other people have said?