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  • Maybe one day you can beat Psychedelicious. I know I can never do that, but you, if you are great, you just may.
    hey mari! school is starting on Tuesday and i'm nervous but it will definitely going to be better than last year. I'm working really hard with weight lifting and eating a lot more so I'm growing pretty well with 8 weeks into the routine and I've gained 7 pounds. I'm planning to make friends from the start of the school year. I talk to more people know at the gym and I'm not as nervous around people as I use to be. hope everything is getting better for you too!
    Click the user cp buttonin the orange bar at the top of the webpage, then on the left hand side you have an edit password and email button :)
    Hey Mari, sorry I couldn't get back to you in chat. Hang in there. It's probably no consolation, but if you ever need to vent, I'm all ears. Stay strong.
    marrisoooool! goo! all is hunky dory. been busy with lotsa housework and stuffs, hope to see you in da chat soon:)
    Thanks :) Yeah I just want to take it easy during that time, because I'll be taking a summer course to reduce the workload I have next semester. There goes the month of June lol
    So you don't have anything exciting planned for the following month? :(
    Yeah summer's the time to just relax and let go...go swimming hang with family look at nature..idk the possibilities are endless. I like to go pic-nicking every once in a while too :) And I'm visiting family in Egypt and Palestine...Family from my mom's side. She's just dragging me along. At least I'll get to take a picture with the sphynx lol
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