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  • Hey! I've been worried about you since our chat the other day. How are you doing?
    Hi. My most recent course was a year long practical gardening course.I love plants and the course was interesting but not quite as practical as I hoped but the qualification looks good on the cv.

    Im curious by nature and I get pleasure from learning something interesting.I take that approach when learning more about dealing with emotions,feelings,anxiety,human behaviour for example.

    A sociology degree sounds interesting and maybe gives the student a better understanding of how society works.

    What areas of socialogy interest you most.
    Hi.What are you studying.I enjoy learning new bits of information etc.Its a nice feeling to know something you did not previously know.
    Hi.I guess the Discworld books could be called a series I guess.I think of it as a fantasy world in which different books are set which have different characters and one or two reoccuring ones.There are something like 40 books in the series.

    I have read about 7 0r so books from the series.What do you like best about reading and do you do it often.
    it is fines mari. thee typo gnomes must be attackings your brains! they doos it to me too! i hates them!
    Hey Mari :), yes, it has been a long while since last we chatted. I am aching with longing. I fear that if our chatting does not soon resume, I shall hang myself from the Golden Gate Bridge. On the upside, I just took some mini-tacos out of the oven. Perhaps they will be good.

    I've had bad luck with my hot chocolates lately. Usually I use a mix of high quality semi-sweet and dark chocolate (guittard, or ghiradelli, or similar), then add a small amount of Andes mint chips, and mix a little peanut butter into it. I usually use hazelnut milk, or almond milk. You can also make it with part heavy whipping cream.

    c u later amiga :)
    howdy nodes. im doing adequately. I have not been here for quite some time, and just now saw your message. It is nice to read you. Just got done eating a waffle.
    Oh hello. I didn't really think anything haha. I find it hard to see who is there and who is not so. Thanks for being considerate.

    Have a g'night as well and perhaps someday I will be able to try the takis. :>
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