Favourite Disney Songs/Scenes (Post Them!)


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I want to watch cuteness, heart-achingly cute cutenesssss! In the form of Disney movies, thank you very much. :mad: :))) Or just anything else Disney, too.


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awww what a cute thread, I love disney movies!!! Here are some of my fav songs:

Probably my fav, a mother's love for her baby....ack! gets me every time! around 2:32 is just soo...ah!! holding onto each other until the last possible second, then at the very end when she goes to the other window to wave... ok I need to stop before I cry, haha.
YouTube - Dumbo - Baby of Mine

YouTube - Hercules - I Won't Say I'm In Love (English)

YouTube - Mulan - Reflection

Then "Can you Feel the Love Tonight", which was already posted...love that one!
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