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  • 3.Speaking of him (not that it's any of my business), but I was disappointed to hear that he becomes irritated with you now because of what you go through and saddened to learn that you can't consider him an angel/hero of yours. I had a certain image of you two in my head. I mean, I know how much he means to you. Are you two okay? For the long run?
    2.Really sorry to hear that your depression has been winning the battle lately. Are new bad things happening or is it the usual? I certainly don't have the upper hand on anything at this moment. Maybe you've seen, but I'm volunteering to expose myself to new surroundings. Never went to the suggested center after being released from the hospital and I'm not taking my medication (such a rebel) and I haven't been leaving the house each day. However, I should be getting my diploma shortly and perhaps that will open a magical door.
    I have the house to myself for about two weeks and I foresee extreme bouts of loneliness, so you should come keep me company. You're only a state away, ya know. No excuses, and I don't care how your boyfriend feels about it.
    1.Hola otra vez,

    What did you think of AbbyW? Well, if you prefer not paying, you can find a plethora of free galleries on the internet. Check out Imagefap and enter "aw" in the search bar. I'm like your pusher now, lol. Eh I feel creepy, but I shouldn't.
    I'm sure your boyfriend is thrilled about how you enjoy women and would want to be with one! Normally not an easy thing to introduce into a committed relationship, lol. ;)
    Hey there Wady Lench, I just really don't cope well with the heat, I guess cos Scotland is cold a lot of the time and it's hard to adapt. What's goin on with me? Well not too much. I've been working even more recently and I'm starting to feel the effects of it. I also hurt my back playing guitar yesterday which made todays work especially hard cos I couldn't bend down at all. Also my work night out last weekend which was great apart from now I've heard something that I've apparantly done (I can't remember cos I was absolutely wasted) and it ain't good sweetie, not good at all. I can p.m you the details if you'd like cos it's not suitable for the general reading public :p How bout you? How've you been spending your days? How's your condition(s) been lately? Any word on that sleepover?
    Hey young Wendoline, how's things? I'm doin ok, a bit up and down though. Unfortunately I've missed two workouts so far but I do have the reason/excuse of being on my work night out and then being far too hungover to do much (apart from work as I had a nine o clock start the next day :s) How's things with you? What have you been getting up to recently? Any progress? I'm finding the heat/stuffyness here too much to handle. Bring back the cold!...well ok maybe not.
    4.If you're unable to go because of your boyfriend's history, here is a great, comprehensive quiz that could point you in the right direction. It yielded some very attractive results for me. Best Places to Live: Compare the Best Cities & Small Towns for You!

    Hope you are well. :)
    3.Lol, ah, you're already aware of that website. Yes, that website is equivalent to porn as sometimes it can draw my attention. Speaking of porn! I read that you have an addiction to porn and saw when you posted your favorite model. I really favor women who have natural, realistic features and I have always been partial to curvaceous women. I don't often hear from girls who are particularly fond of porn, so I was quite surprised. Your openness towards the subject is quite refreshing because sexuality and preference is often dealt with in secrecy. Abby Winters is a great website with all-natural girls and no photo retouching.

    Anyway, how exactly will you gain entry into the country? School, etc. I dislike how you first need an actual reason to be there, instead of being able to just go and find your way once there, but I can understand.
    2.Also, it often upsets me when certain foreigners retain a positive image in their minds regarding America, only focusing on certain artificially glamorous or superficial aspects of America. Their favorable opinion of America solely based on what they've seen in movies or what they've heard through the grapevine. Don't get me wrong, though. I still believe foreigners are typically more knowledgeable about international affairs in comparison to what Americans know.

    I don't view your boyfriend any differently. Most of us have regrettable instances in our past (and or present) and I'm surely in no position to judge anyone. I've committed acts that left me disappointed in myself, but it doesn't necessarily define who I am today. Basically, we're all constantly evolving and learning. As long as he makes you happy, then he's okay in my book.
    1.I'll reply more quickly from now on. I have a tendency to shy away from personal connection. I'm sorry. You don't really deserve that. You've really been a consistent friend and I owe more to you than my back turned.

    I know exactly what you mean about hating your existence more because of where you are. Even though I don't consider myself American anymore, technically I am, and as long as I live in this country, I'm essentially aligned with this country. When I'm speaking with people from other places, I'm always reluctant to call this country my birthplace. There are many liberal, progressive cities across america that I know of, but it's still America and I will not be free until I escape completely. It's as if America is still a badge on my shirt, despite my internal revolt. I already feel European, in terms of what I like and my fashion of thinking.
    Hey Young Wenchy, how's tricks? How'd the babysitting go? I enjoy babysitting my nieces and nephews cos I can watch childrens tv without the shame. A move would be good, I know how much you dislike it where you are now and Washington sounds fantastic. What else have you been up to this past week? Myself, I have been more work, work, work. I had a day off this week until 2 ppl called in sick and one walked off the job- extra hours for me then! :) I have also managed to get my workout routine back on track and have been working out a lot this week, well four days in a row so far and I have been pushing it pretty hard and I plan on keeping this up. Going to Glasgow this week too - should be fun. How bout ur good self?
    There's plenty money in this world, you just have to go get it (and just for the record I'm not talking about stealing it! :p) and if you want something bad enough you'll find a way to get it.
    You must have done something at the weekend, what was the nothing you did then? How about the rest of the week? I had this weekend coming off but we have more people ill so guess who's gonna come in? Me baby! :D I figure workaholic is the least worst of all the 'holics so that ain't so bad. You do look perfect and before you ask I'm 100% sane and I just had my eyes tested ;)
    3.Maybe we can just figure out how to get him in, too? I don't think so! :P
    Don't worry about people making fun of you for having love for Canada. While you're enjoying the crisp air up north, they'll still be sizzling in that cesspool. How does your boyfriend feel about your crush on Canada? Is he willing to follow you there?

    Have you been here? Immigrating to Canada
    2.EXACTLY! These same Americans who claim immigrants are good-for-nothing burdens can't even tell you basic facts about their own country on a test. Ah, that's such a good point - these immigrants actually EARN their place in this country, but these citizens who complain were just born here... the easy automatic title, as you say. They have no room to speak.
    You and I need to dress in all black, meet underground, conspire and overturn this nonsense! (lol)

    F*ck. While responding you to, an American car commercial was playing. The narrator says, "Two things America got right: cars and freedom." Really, America, really? This country is so self-assured and pretentious. Tunnel vision! To Americans, it seems like nothing else exists but their own country.
    1.I apologize for not replying sooner! I deserve to be shot! You pick the location on my body.

    I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding that Arizona law. I was in the hospital while most of the news was breaking, but I caught wind of it and really couldn't believe my ears. This is the kind of bullsh*t that racists only dream of, not something that actually happens, especially in "the most free country in the world". I totally agree, this country was founded by "illegal" immigrants to begin with, and it's as if people forget that. Every person in this country is basically from somewhere else, as far as ancestry goes, and now they want to close the gate because they're in already! It's just an infringement on civil liberties, plain and simple.
    People are saying that there? I'm really not surprised. Probably the same idiots who believe that racism doesn't exist anymore just because Obama is in the white house.
    From what I've seen you look perfect but it's good that you plan to take action about something that you're not happy about. Good stuff!
    I'd love to go to Canada. I just watched a White Stripes documentary "Under Great Northern Lights" which is about them touring all over Canada, they played in every state and the scenery looked absolutely beautiful. It reminds me of Scotland in many ways. What makes you think you'll never get to go? Even I plan to go someday and I have to overcome the fact that it's on the other side of the world!
    What plans have you got this week? I was supposed to be working this weekend but cos I worked an extra weekend I have this one off and to be honest I really don't know what to do with myself yet. I think I'm turning into a full blown work-a-holic!
    Granny Wendy? You're still young yet! lol
    It was way too hot here again, it's been really tiring me out and making me a little grumpy.
    The sale sucked cos although there was a lot of tables there, 90% of them where just selling meat/steaks, and only two or three had good stuff for sale. I wouldn't go to a car boot for food and the fact that I don't eat meat just makes it even worse! The cleaning is going ok but definately taking longer than expected due to me losing motivation half way through (again I'm blaming the heat).
    Why was your weekend so sucky? Did it pick up? Did Cheyenne come over for the night? And hey! You ain't fat! You know those ladies you're always talking about who are perfectly shaped? I bet you're just like them.
    Haha, yeah the whole Peter Pan reference thing going on there. How's your weekend been so far? The car boot sale sucked ass which was both a surprise and a disappointment but what can you do eh? I'm pretty much spending any free time I have this weekend (which ain't much) I'm tidying up my flat. Oh it's bad :p
    Maybe I'll fill you in on those fun times next time I see you on msn ;)
    Try not to get too worked up about things, you'll be fine *thumbs up*
    Hey there Wendy Lady. How's you feeling now? I think you'll be fine, in fact I know you will there's no need to be worried.
    Well you don't have to go out to have a good time, I've had plenty of fun times indoors (but that's another story not appropriate for discussion here :p) How bout this weekend? I'm going to a car boot sale to hopefully grab myself a bargain, working all weekend again then having a games night with the boys again. We're currently addicted to poker and have been having a good time taking each others money :)
    Did Cheyenne stay over?
    I've flown many times and I absolutely hate it. I only do it because I have to. The thought of speeding through the sky in a congested mental container is one thing, but now with the times we live in, you have to deal with the entire invasive process that security subjects you to. Plus, airports are just terrible for people with social anxiety. No kidding, I always think of death before and during the flight lol. Don't even get me started on those tiny coffins they call bathrooms -- the turbulence kicks up and next thing you know, you're pissin' all over the... oh, sorry.

    Of course I'll adopt you, right under my wing. I'll go to Canada first and set up shop, then I'll smuggle you in somehow. Don't know how your boyfriend would feel about that. ::p:

    Spam on, if you'd like. I enjoy hearing what you have to say.

    What's this I hear about a girly sleepover? Awww.
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