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  • Exactly. I take avert because it really is a lifesaver but I also worry about it having a latent effect on me, one I won't notice in the short term. But what can you do eh? I bet your weekend was a blast, you're just downplaying it. Cheyenne? That's a very interesting name, one I've never heard before.
    Let me know how your girly sleepover goes. Unless T.v has lied to me girly sleepovers involve girls stripping down to their underwear and having pillow fights....please don't shatter the illusion for me :p
    I do have painkillers I can take but I really only take them if I can't take it anymore - luckily it ain't come to that yet. Drug-wise I really don't like putting things into my body, you never know how certain things are gonna effect you. It's feeling better today, not 100% but getting there. How was your weekend? What you get up to? The BBQ was fantastic and noisy and everything - I loved it!
    As far as the compliment goes, anytime sweetie ;)
    Yeah I do like sorting through things (head-wise) but it really isn't easy and I find I'm still avoiding the major issues. Plus I've had bad toothache for 3 days now, the kind that spreads to your head and gives you a headache and turns me into Mr Grumpy :p
    What you got planned for the weekend? Apart from work I've got a BBQ on Sunday, guitar practice and my sister is down for a couple of days.
    If I think a gal looks beautiful, I'll tell her - I just calls em like a sees em. If it was just a case of making you feel better I'd just be complimenting your clothes, taste in music or buy you a puppy or something :p
    Thanks for everything you said :)

    Lately, Canada has really been on my mind. There's basically a slogan that conservative patriots use when someone criticizes their beloved country - "Well then move to Canada!" You know what you blind piece of ****, I just might, lol. Canada is so accessible and it's a much easier option versus Europe, for now. Now, how to go about doing this. I have wet dreams about Vancouver, British Colombia.
    Yeah, anytime I criticize America, I'm usually met with, "Well it's better than many other places on earth." Okay, but, that doesn't mean that the issues of America should be swept under the rug, you know?

    Since I've been underground for the past month, I'm not updated about the new immigration dilemma there in Arizona, but I assume that it's another reason for your discontentment? What do you think about that?

    How long have you been afraid to fly? Did something happen before?
    I'm just doing the usual, messing about online and working, I'm working all weekend too which I don't actually mind since I enjoy it. Been shooting some pool too where I whooped everyone might I add Ha! I'm also going through a transitional period, gotta look at my life again and see what is and what isn't working. I never like doing this, cos it forces me to address things I fear and have been trying my best to ignore. Fun Fun. See I told you, they just made fun of you cos they were jealous and threatened by you. If you'd known that back then you would have been able to brush it off easily.
    Meeting a band, esp one as cool as that seems like a good enough highlight to me! I happen to think that pic looks very beautiful and no arguing with me missy, cos I have good taste in things :p
    Oh the pressures of being so popular :p Nah I just can't be a*sed with talking to ppl I don't really like, lifes to short and I'd much spend it talking to people that matter. It's a well known fact that kids make fun of people they're jealous of, especially amongst girls.
    Hope your tummy is better soon, I find mine gets messed up after travelling, must be all that vibrating on the bus.
    I think you *do* have a life, you just choose to downplay it - think of the concert for example! I wish you could be there as I skate cos I could really do with someone to help pick me (and my teeth) up off the floor :p
    Loving the new MS pic, there's something damn sexy about ruffled hair like that ;)
    Hey-yo young Wendy. I'll probably get a facebook pretty soon, I just don't like the hassle of people I went to school with wanting to be friends when I really couldn't stand em. In some ways I'm glad I couldn't go to the concert cos I'd probably still be crippled now but at the same time they opened with Armageddon which is one of my fav songs to jump around to. My friend will be okay, I just gotta hang around with her without her feeling that I'm not giving her room, it's a bit of a balancing act. Awww what's wrong with your tummy? What else you up to this week? I'm gonna test out my skates again, oh yeah :)
    Yeah thats awesome. I was gonna go see Alkaline Trio but I had to work which is pants. I hated travelling too, it was absolutely boiling and the bus driver decided to put the heating on. Grrrrrr! I haven't been working out for the last couple of days, I was away and I hurt my neck (non-workout related, more sleep related) but I'm gonna continue it tomorrow. I don't have a facebook (yet!) - getting one soon. I did see the myspace ones though and thought they were very awesome and cute, even the one which looked like you were getting sucked into a vortex :p
    One of my friends was in hospital over the weekend with an overdose. Not sure if it was an attempt or just accidental. She's ok though after a night in the hospital, but it's just the shock, y'know? She isn't a SP and is really outgoing and everything, just makes you think it can happen to anyone.
    But yeah, apart from that I'm doin pretty good, how bout your wild self? ;) What you been doing?
    Part 2 - I can go on for days about America, too. I had to take a break from the news and politics just to catch a breather, because all of it leaves me drained and irritated. Like you, I have so many reasons as to why I can't stand America, but it's really hard to say it or write it. The law thing -- I can't stand how they consider this the most free nation in the world when it clearly isn't. The christian nation thing -- another thing that I can't stand. I want to move to a more secular country and when I hear that such large percentages of people from European countries aren't religious, I drool. The separation of church and state in this country is just bull****.
    Part 1 - Lately, I've just been here in this recovery program, trying to meet the demands of the professionals here and also myself. I'm terrified of being released because I don't think there is much between a relapse and I. Maybe I'm stronger than I give myself credit for, I don't know, but it's hard to back to the scene of the crime and just live again.
    Damn what a bunch of a*ses! That ain't good at all, at least the band where cool and rocked though, that's the main part. How did you cope with all the travelling etc? I was away for the weekend, just got back today. If I'm gonna be doing this (working out) everyday I'm gonna have to get used to feeling a bit sore I think.
    Thanks! I'm taking things slowly and I'm just learning to walk again, basically. Who knows what my future holds. You also deserve the best, so please don't forget that. I know it's a touchy subject, but what are some of the many things that you dislike about America (saw this in one of your posts)? I feel the same and I often feel like such an oddity because of my warranted criticism. Yeah, and f**k religious fundamentalists.

    Hope your flu is gone ;)
    Yeah it was a good tired and speaking of which, I did a workout this morning and it nearly killed me! I thought with all the work I've been doing I'd be at least ok cardio-wise but I was in no way prepared! So yes I feel accomplished but I can no longer feel my legs - I wonder if it's a fair trade? :p Try and have a good time, I'm sure you will, it will be f'in awesome! I'll talk to you when you get back you lucky lucky girl :) Stay strong
    I'm doin pretty good, tired as hell from work but it's a good tired. Sorta like goin for a long run or having a night of good sex...well maybe not quite as fun. What days the big concert? I'm expecting pictures missy :) I'm in need of a holiday I think.
    I just wanted to really thank you for all of your advice! You've been a very good friend to me on here. How are you doing? I always like to hear from you.
    Just a collection of things, really. Love, relationships, life in general, my current situation and things of my past. I think I've successfully passed that wave of thoughts, for now. Thanks for asking :) How will YOU create some changes? And how is that hypochondria?
    I just had a bout with suicidal thoughts, which has been happening more often. Well, I had a job interview last week and continue to apply to various places, so I'm trying to make a difference, but continuing to believe is very hard. Bad news always seems to follow every effort of mine. Other than this, I haven't been up to much... staying in the house most of the time. Any news with you?

    I knew you were gay! I had a feeling ::p: Sorry, I don't have facebook (because I'm not gay). I've also been looking for alternatives to SPW, just other things to occupy my attention. Did you basically just lose interest in this site?
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