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  • Mmmmm! Soooooooooooo hawt! The girl isn't too bad, either! :D

    Thanks! I've actually thought about becoming a counselor, but one of the main reasons I have SA is because I compulsively take care of others to the point of totally ignoring my own needs. Right now, I'm working through my SA with homeopathic medicine and it's going well, but I don't leave my house and I'm terrified of seeing people (other than my sister, boyfriend and a couple choice people) I used to have panic attacks constantly, but now I only have them when random people come to my house or when my remedy starts to run out. It's a pretty huge impact, but I'm getting better every day!!!
    Ha! Thanks, Kat. That means a lot. You've now become one of my new favorite peeps. lol. Yep, my loyalties can be bought with a single compliment. :p

    Also, hope things get better for you, too, and I hope your current situation isn't something too serious. Not sure what the 10 days represents, but I'm glad there's relief in sight though. :)
    Hey Kat!! Im back for the night anyway - havent got internet in the new house unfortunately!! :(
    All i can use is facebook on my phone.
    How're you doing?
    Hi :) Well.. I like many crafting styles.. I like to do Photoshop, Paint shop pro, but also drawing.. And I make stuffed animals.. I really enjoy doing that ^^
    And how about u?:)

    Btw your new avatar is cool! U look beautiful!:)

    Well, have a great sunnysunday

    xx Saskia
    My thanks for the friend request. If you do not mind my asking so, was there any particular reason you felt inclined to send it?
    You're welcome! :) I didn't even recieve your request actually so I guess it just sorted itself out lol
    Thanks again.

    I am doing ok. Taking small steps at a time. Hope all is well with you.
    To get the first two Gabriel Knight games to run in Vista, you can download new installers from Sierra's web-site; New Installers for Sierra Games - The Sierra Help Pages :)

    When it comes to the first game in the series, the CD version with the voice-acting is the best.
    Hi Kat,

    Thank you dear :)
    How is everything going on? And how's your SA progress? Going better?
    Btw I really LOVE your avatar! You have a beautiful avatar.
    I always liked phantasy art.

    Have a lovely day

    I really like adventure games such as the Gabriel Knight games, Sanitarium, Broken Sword and so on. :) Too bad they hardly make games like this anymore.

    YouTube - Gabriel Knight 2 : The Beast Within - Preparing for the hunt
    Seems like you have a great taste in computer games. :) King's Quest VI is one of the greatest games ever.
    Not at all, it's very nice to hear you're keeping busy and well yourself :)

    Those are just beautiful! He's an incredible artist. Dear me, I'd give up quite a bit to be able to have the ability to draw a tenth as good as that. Tell him I think his work is amazing, I'd pay to see it in a comic book or something close to it. Very nice, when you're finished I MUST take a peek, if you'd allow me ::eek::
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