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  • Awww, that's great - if not a bit weird - that ye thought o' me while watching Trainspottinng 2. But I'll take the compliment none the less. :thumbup:

    Haven't got round to watching the sequel yet, myself. The Irish fella who tattoos me gave it a recommendation, also. Though, he said watch the first one again afore watching the sequel. So, I need to get round to watching both back to back.

    Ah take it ye had the subtitles, then? :giggle: And I know what ye mean about the accent being difficult to understand. The Scottish accent tends to be like that, generally, the further north of Scotland ye go. :bigsmile:
    Half a hour away is the campus? You live in a house? if you don't mind me asking.

    Right I'm sorry. What made you choose that major?

    You know fluent french right?
    Its okay, what made you study that major and out of the country?

    Sorry for the late reply.
    Oh you go to school in France? You don't have to tell me the name of the school.

    So that is your major right?
    Oh I see it was like a school break.

    You're studying electric engineering by yourself? You don't go to school for that?
    Cool, where are you on vacation? What are you studying?

    I'm doing okay a bit stressed though.
    Sorry for the very late reply.

    Your welcome. I'm doing okay, how are you dong lately?
    Hmm...this game has a big learning curve for new players. I think I fixed it so that you can post to my wall again.
    Is there a way to make money in Pokemon? Or does it come down to just battling trainers? Because Ive noticed I can only fight them once and those potions/pokeballs cost cashmoney X'D
    Hello Jungle, how you come you didn't respond to my visitor message? Just curious.

    How is it going?
    Oh, that's cool. It will help you in the work force.

    Me too I only know a few Spanish words as I took it in high school.

    Sorry but are you fluent in English, French, Arabic?

    How are you learning Spanish then?
    Oh it's okay. You use YouTube to improve language studies?

    English, French, and Arabic your fluent in right?

    How can you understand Spanish if you didn't formally study it?
    Okay cool.

    Your fluent in English, Arabic, French, and Russian right?

    Spanish you know half of the language right?

    Sorry but I didn't receive an answer about my other interests? I'm interested in knowing.
    But I just read comments, forums, and stuff like that. Does that count as reading?

    What about my other interests?

    So you know French, Russian, English, Arabic and what is the other half?

    I only know English, and little bit of Spanish.
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