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    The story of my life so people can see it

    Well, here I am. I'm now at 27, which is crazy to think about. I look at my life, or lack there-of, and it's amazing to see how I got here. No friends, no g/f, and mainly, I feel as if I've never had a real friend in my life. Yes, I've had friends, but I just feel like I never really was in as a...
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    Why do people keep saying these things?

    I've noticed that people throughout our lives have told us to "be more positive," "be yourself," or "don't change yourself for other people. You are fine the way you are." Well, you know what, I'm not fine the way I am. I'm a 27 year old grown man, yet last night I cried like a little child...
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    What are you supposed to do if....?

    I've been stumped for the last 3 years or so. I don't like being around people for the majority of the time, even people that I call my friends. I usually feel uncomfortable, anxious, sad, lonely (yes, when around people), bored and I don't feel like I fit in. So, using logic, I should avoid...
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    What do you use as your mantra?

    I've been doing muscle relaxation practice every day for 30 minutes to start, and I was wondering what word or phrase you all use to tell yourself to relax? I've been using "let go" and it helped a lot today. The phrases I've been using have been inconsistent though, and it's been tough to relax.
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    I don't know what to do

    I had an epiphany today, and it was really bad, maybe the worst feeling of my life. I'd just gotten out of a job interview, and almost started crying in my truck. The only reason I didn't flow with full tears is because I didn't want someone to see a guy balling like a baby. It wasn't just that...
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    To have desire for love, or not to desire love?

    This question I've asked myself is, should we even want love? Should we want to be married before we meet the person that we do marry? Because the way I look at it, many people just want to get married, so the first person they feel meets their qualifications for "the right one," they will marry...
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    Why do so many people place us below them?

    Throughout my life I have had a few friends here and there, but something I noticed is that many people (and let me make it clear I'm not saying all people) think socially anxious people are less of a person than someone who is outgoing. Anxiety is bad luck in genetics, and we didn't choose to...
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    Why do so many people think being a virgin is bad?

    It seems like more men have a problem with other men being virgins than do women have problems with men being virgins. I am looking for an answer to this because yes, I'm a 26 year old virgin, and throughout my life I've been criticized from time to time because I haven't had sex before and am...
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    Does anyone else feel lonely?

    I've been hiding for 5 years now. I stopped hanging out with friends so I don't hang out with any1 anymore. It hasn't been great, but now I'm slowly starting to feel lonelier and lonelier. I'm really starting to get bad depression that pops up. I'm concerned about my mental health. I'm so afraid...