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  • I actually placed my fist against my monitor lol nice picture. Test said your relationship avoidance was high 50's and mine was low 30's but our anxiety was both in the 80s haha. I guess that means I avoid women less but I'm just an anxious as you? Weird...I don't know. Damn tests.
    You'll just have to root for whomever you want to lose. That seems to be the only way you can counteract your jinxing abilities. ;)
    That sounds cool, but I wouldn't take out all the improvisation, as I think thats what helps give it its unique edge :) Looking forward to hearing the next version! x
    Wow! I like it... I say it every time... but you really do have a talent for this! And its good that you can write something thats expressive of your feelings. Perhaps you could add some kind of backing to this piece? Maybe some dramatic string effects would sound good in the background? Keep up the good work :D x
    I agree it does have some good points, thats probably why I can't give it up so easily!::p:
    Hi :>
    Good to hear from you Seoul. I am doing ok, it goes up and down a lot.
    I hope all is well with you!
    There's not been much happening these last two weeks so this barbecue was a nice pace of change :)
    Thank you, I like reading your posts as well :) and I love your avatar, always makes me smile :)

    I've had a good day today. I've been on a barbecue with my friends. How's your day been?
    Also check into the magnesium connection, if you haven't yet... and if you could be deficient. Lack of magnesium can cause anxiety and some other things too... some other vitamins/minerals could be important too.. maybe track nutrition on fitday.com and/or try to get tests for relevant minerals/vitamins?
    ((hugs)) Aww... Hope all goes well with the check-up! I have had health anxiety too (and some health problems) so I can relate!! My sis had a thyroid problem and took some pills and was then allright...
    90% of these things are benign anyway!! Thyroid Nodules/Lumps and Goiter (Enlargement) Do tell how it goes! and *fingers crossed all goes well*!!
    aww, thanks Seoul! ^_^
    its good to hear from you! & thanks for remembering me! *happy tears* T_T
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