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  • ha ha (desperation laugh)
    not very close. it will have to wait few more years.
    i'm sorry to disappoint you vice captain. no scene knocking and wormtail travel any soon :\

    and of course it will, that's the spirit :)

    i'm off to sleep, good night (to me and you in few? hours)
    oh, we must get that spaceship built :D
    but firstly, i'll need to finish my degree.

    and i hope the doctor will find that everything is all right ;x
    sounds like plan to me, nice job vice captain in charge. you will be promoted to an equal partner in crime if you keep it up like that.

    but have you thought what will we do after we save the galaxy? we have to create a new villain to entertain us.
    @[email protected] this what came earlier (chicken/egg) kind of philosophy makes me dizzy
    you are still young, so knock your way out while you still can :> i can help you with it too if you want, but i prefer un sane partners during space travel. normal ppl are no fun :p
    well, from other side, some sense might be actually nice, can i have just a little bit please (for myself too)?
    :eek: why would you want to do that?
    but yes, wormhole will be cool. i'll suit myself to win some money ;>
    don't worry, well make a great team :>

    i have no idea how to fight them either, yet. must find some alien manuals. or do a star wars movie marathon :p (with a great preference not to do the later lol)
    don't worry, i will fight the monsters :D it will be fun :>

    and as long as there's coffee, i don't care. i'll get in there and kindly ask to turn of the music. and they will do as i say of course,and if not :> it will be even more fun lol
    take me with you :D

    it must be very cold, like if we spit from the skies it will freeze falling down and become an ice :>

    i would offer you a space travel, but there's no air. would you still want it? could meet aliens :p
    thank you :> i was in air force though i wish i could be a pilot too, it looks pretty awesome thing to be
    i didn't even make it to be with planes at all, and i wanted so much :\
    oh well, got a zeppelin instead :D
    lol i wonder where it will grow from :>
    and i agree it might be helpful (i would wander around with coffee cup when my hands are busy) , but being considered more of a freak than i am is not an option for now :9

    and yes, i was serving for two years.
    lol, poor cat, must be freaking out thanks to it ._.

    once we had a similar situation on my military base, but with radiation detector alarm. i wonder if it had any legitimate reason for the beeping, i might grow a new arm one day :p
    oh my, was it because of me ::p: lol i won't talk of it again
    tear that thing of the ceiling and throw it away
    i'm sorry, but i'm starting to have a feeling that it will remain a mystery even to me :x
    oh well~
    hope the fire alarm did not do any trouble again :9
    now it's me who forgot what i was about to say :9
    had something on my mind yesterday but wasn't in the mood to post anything.
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