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  • Whats your main issue with SA that is holding you back?
    I've dedicated my life to beating my problems, I'm definitely better than I was a few years ago. But it's very easy to sink it old thinking habits again
    Thanks for the add, you're my first friend. Hows that small, minor problem of social anxiety treating you?
    Thanks. I needed a positive change. Seeing 'toomuchfear' every day reminded me of having too much fear. I like yours, sounds Korean?
    Is it an emergency and redcurrants-related?? :) Am very sleepy and won't be here long, just came to take a quick look...
    Aww, yeah, sometimes it feels like that'll happen to me when I'm embarrassed, but don't be embarrassed, you've got nothing to be ashamed of mate :)
    Aw, thanks buddy. And don't worry, you don't have to flatter me, I wasn't going to tell anyone your secret ;)
    OMG! LOL!! Where do you find these things?? :) I had to google him up, and it seems to be true?? (First I thought he was some kind of artist maybe, lol?) still chuckling too!! :)
    hempseeds, yeah - very good for your health, lots of omega 3 etc! (veg*n source, instead of tuna or such, kinda yummier than flax seeds too.. That's, if you lack omega 3 they will be yummy, if you don't, you won't feel like eating them really.. at least that was my experience..) The wonders one learns online... :)
    Hey Seoul! :) (Love your username btw!) I've tested as INFP/ENFP and some other stuff too (which I forgot lol, it was a while back... There was maybe a 'S' in there I think...) I forgot the names of the sites, this was a few years back mostly... There are INFP and other forums too... I was very 'into' this for a while, and then realized it would not give me 'final answers' if that makes sense (career-wise etc) it's good to understand differences among people tho & there was some good info on the forums (I learnt about hempseeds lol)...
    Thanks for the link, Seol! :) Yeah, I've read some things about this, I like this perspective too!! :)
    Some of it is very true and some it is in the 'hmm..?' category lol
    Some interesting names on those lists too! :)
    I've actually tested as different things on some online tests, and someone online said he tests as different categories (I/E) according to season!! (What have you tested as? If it's not a secret? Maybe in PM? lol need to clear the inbox! :))
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