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  • Hey! Haven't seen you post much for a while. Hope this is because you're getting better :) x
    thanks, just started reading the manga again, I watched the anime in the past and hannya was the only badguy I remembered.
    I was looking up wallpapers for my Zune HD, then came across that image I really liked. Liked it enough I decided to crop it for my avatar. :) Here's the website, there's other artwork on there too that's also very nice. >> Zune HD |*colr. on the Behance Network
    Thanks, Seoul. :) Glad to hear I'm not the only one who experiences the "crashing" and the sort. Not that it's ever good to feel that though.
    Thanks. I am feeling a bit calmer now, but I've just been having a "down moment." It sucks I actually get them pretty often, especially after I've had a few good days. It's weird, almost like a "crashing" feeling. Anyway, I don't want to unload all my problems/feelings on you, so I'll just stop typing now.
    Thank you! :>

    I was studying adventure tourism.

    That is true, goals are important, I should start setting small ones.
    You are so kind! :)
    That sounds like a good plan! :)
    I hope you can do everything you want to!

    Myself, I have no idea. I was going to school, but the anxiety became to much.
    I haven't gone to school for 5 months. I've never had a job and really don't think I could handle it.
    I have pretty much given up.
    Hi Seoul, good to hear from you :>
    I am doing pretty good today thank you.
    How are you doing? :)
    I hope everything is well with you!

    btw do you have a job? if so, what is it?
    just curious :>
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