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  • Een allerbest en gezond jaar gewenst, en dat al je wensen groot en klein mogen uitkomen in 2011, Ignace ! :)
    Hey Ignace!
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year :)
    *.* . + _/\_. * . * .. + . * . * . * * .. * *
    *. +. * ),” ( . * . + * . +. + . * .+ . * + . * . * . * .
    lol well who needs life anyway? it's been nice chatting to you :) this place really helps me when I feel down. makes me feel less like a freak because I'm not alone with these issues
    I could get some online friends but the thing is, I sometimes have long periods when I don't want to talk to people even online. So it doesn't work. But it really doesn't bother me. I'm almost asocial anyway, SAD only bothers me because I can't do normal necessarily things like go to store without anxiety. It's kinda annoying, I only would need so LITTLE amount of social skills :D...
    That's good that you aren't bored online. I just surf aimlessly. I'm too lazy to have any real online friends. So I just kill time and especially nowadays I tend to drink. And always eating sweets to keep my moods up. Movie about my life would totally bore people to death lolol.
    I don't really have any hobbies. I mostly just sit at my computer and listen to music. Maybe read something. You?
    That sucks about your guide. I have a really nice guide, I actually felt it was easy to speak to her. She isn't very strict. The old ladies are very strict, maybe because they have much experience about that kind of work. And they probably all went to some crazy old fashioned maid school lol.
    I'm really lazy, I admit it. Or I guess it's more about lack of motivation. And depression and anxiety has made me chronically tired. I don't know if I could fix my problems even if I tried to tho. People always tell me to just try harder, but I've always been socially "slow" and I'm kinda dumb, ugly and dont have any passion about anyhing. I mostly just don't care. I think I have bad genes because my father is a real loser and although I don't know him I think he must have some mental illnes. Hard to say. All I know is that I diagnosed myself with depression before I even understood that word and my life has been almost 20 years downhill :p
    Good luck with your work! I started two week long "work training" for school, is that what you are also doing? I work at retirement home. I hate it because I have to work when the old people are watching and I always screw up. And I suck at being all positive polite sunshine. We also clean homes and I like that a lot more as long as the owners aren't there! I don't mind hard and dirty work, but I want to do it alone.
    I also go to work by bike and it's really cold. I never have liked winter.
    Racing sounds like a really cool hobby. I'm from Europe too, Finland, I'm here because there aren't any finnish discussion boards about SA.
    Like you, I can't really imagine "normal" life. I have these dreams about it but they aren't realistic, I know it. It's like I think withou SA everything would be awesome and can't deal with the reality. I'm a dreamer, I've always been unrealistic.
    And when you are like me and have so little life experience, having normal life ever is just impossible.
    If you didn't have social phobia (and other problems) what would you like to do in your life? :)
    My parents are nice, they have never pressured me to do anything. Which is good. Even though I'm sure they're a bit disappointed (I've dropped out of two schools, never dated etc) they seem to think that I'm just late bloomer lol. But they have never accepted that I could be ill, wether it's depression or social anxiety.
    I hate that we are expected to do things to be "normal" and everyone is living cool life. I feel like my life hasn't even started and at the same time, I feel it's over, I've failed everything, can't fix it anymore. There is so much stuff I would like to do, travel, learn to paint, date a guy, do charity work etc and I just can't.
    I've never been diagnosed with SA either, only depression. But it's pretty obvious.
    I used to have friends as a kid, not many but always few. Then it got the way that I had buddy or two at school but we never met after school because I didn't party, didn't drink, didn't have hobbies I was just too boring.
    Now for about a year I haven't had single friend, don't really want any. I live with a roommate and see my parents. Friends are just too hard and I'm sick of lying and pretending that I'm not a loser and freak.
    I'm doing fine, thanks for asking :)
    Have you had SA for a long time? I've had it for about 6 years although it's hard to tell when it begun. But I've always been a bit shy.
    Thanks for the reply.
    Well I also had social anxiety, so it hard for me to talk with people :(
    I'm sorry you're housebound too..

    Well it nice meeting you,
    Take care
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