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  • Don't worry about it, Zly. Seriously. There's no point worrying about someone who clearly isn't worried about you. (I mean it in the nice, shoulder-patting way, not the harsh way)
    Busy week for me: test in about 7 hours and another test on Thursday. Maybe we'll meet again in the chatbox sometime. :p
    Okay you guys inspired me. I downloaded skype and shall henceforth be known as oemmagic.
    Hey, that's ok! I've kinda left here now.. Wasn't on for long, lol but it actually made me more depressed about stuff! Haha, so I've doin' ma best without it :)
    But I'll be back every now and then! xoxoxo
    I live in Canberra in Australia, but come from Sydney originally.

    I was thinking of the actual town, since I remember places like Ware, Hertford, Rickmansworth etc which are near Hoddesdon. I was curious how close you are to it; it is 15 miles north of London which I think puts it in South Hertfordshire. As I mentioned before, if you would rather not say then that is all right.

    I discovered just a few days ago that Hoddesdon was right on the border with the Danelaw. There are a couple of places there with Danish names. So it was right on the frontline.

    I notice you asked Julesie where she comes from. I would be interested to know where you come from, if you are happy to give the information out. I don't live in Hoddesdon, by the way.
    Hey! Leicester was good :) Not as nice as B'ham but it'll do for my back up!
    Have you found a job yet?! x x
    Hey Lisa....ugh, I'm doing alright....up and down! Still just kinda waiting for the next bombshell my dad's gonna drop on me! But no, I'm doing ok for now. Just cracking on! :) How about you?
    At least I didn't apply to Hertfordshire then! Haha.. Yeah, I almost wish I'd gone to Leicester first so it's not a disappointment, lol, hopefully it's nice :)
    Don't give up! Although I know that's A LOT easier said than done! Are there specific jobs that you're applying for or will you take anything?
    Sure I'll let you know what Leicester's like! x x
    Birmingham was UH-MAZING, thank you! I absolutely fell in love with it! Going to look at Leicester this weekend coming so I can compare the two :)
    Have you managed to find a job yet? I really hope you have!
    Sorry it took so long to reply, been a bit busy! x x
    Oh no! I hope you get one soon! Is there anything you can do in the meantime? Like, part time in a pub or something (although that's really scary! Haha) Nah, nothing major in my life except that I'm going to visit Birmingham University tmorrow! I'm quite looking forward to it 'cause I've never really looked round a university before. It's my first choice as well so I hope I like it, haha! But I have to get AAB for my A levels which I really really really don't see happening..
    Let me know if you manage to get another job! And good luck with the search :) x x
    Awh, hope you're feeling better! The exam's in the past now, luckily.. And I can't actually remember it (you can probs relate to that ;) haha!) I def prefer coursework as well! It's easier to cheat.. Lol. Been any major developments in your life recently? x x
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