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  • Defiantly buying two of them then. Dual GPU here I come. I would defiantly get a 480, I mean even if it does bottleneck your system you can underclock it.
    Sandybridge is supposed to have integrated graphics aswell, if you ask me I think intel may be using that as it's sell point. But I have heard rumors it's going to tear the crap out of an i7 (Only probably get about 3000 more in 3DMark vantage lol). The 6870....now I am a little disappointed that it is just a rework of a 5770. Good specs, but I may wait for the 6970, see how stepping performs etc. Will probably only get a dual gpu setup this time, had enough with microstuttering and stepping with this setup.
    Ah **** yeah, forgot you only had one PCI-E lane, **** sux :(

    You do need to get another board eventually anyway ;)

    Maybe an EVGA Classified? ;)
    Palit GeForce GTS 450 Sonic Platinum 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card [NE5S450HF1101] Graphics and Video NVIDIA GTS 450 Series

    Cheap as chips!
    *Sorry it's a gts 450.

    Now this certainly looks interesting.

    MSI GeForce GTX 460 HAWK "Talon Attack" 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card [] Graphics and Video NVIDIA GTX 460 Series
    Personally I would get 2x gtx 450's, dunno if your processor can handle them both while not extremely overclocked. You could probably get away with it at about 3.6-3.8 ghz (would be better at 4.2) 2x 450's would blow a 460 out of the water. Plus they are pretty damn cheap aswell.
    Also, don't get a 460GTX, It has sex with your motherboard and causes the temperature to rise to a retarded level, considering it's a low "ish" end card, the temps really should be awesome....not in this case. A friend of mine tried running 3x GTX 480's on air (works in a hardware store). Let's just say Furmark almost melted his gpu's and PCI-E slots.
    Yeah think I will definatly go with 2x 6870's

    Microstuttering and stepping are a bitch with 4 gpu's.

    Wanna buy my 5970's? :p
    It goes like this here: first you have 4 years of "basic school" (we call it "primária"), where they teach you the basic stuff (between the ages of 6-10), 5 of middle school (10-15 years old) and 3 of highschool (15-18 years old). Then you go to university (if you want to that is :D).

    I thought about recording my voice and post it on the “post your voice” thread here on spw, but I didn’t do it, maybe another day when I feel braver heh.

    Yeah, it would be awesome they’d give me a new xbox 360 Slim 250Gb, haha, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. If it happens I’ll never speak ill of Microsoft ever again.
    I remember reading something you wrote about having to call a lot of different people as part of your work. It’s no easy task for someone with social anxiety. You should be proud of yourself for facing that fear.
    We call highschool "secundário" here. It corresponds to the 3 years of regular school before going to university.

    Well, you could try Electrical and Computer Engineering (like me) or Informatics Engineering. If you like technology, programming and computers, you would probably like that. I must confess this is not something I always dreamed to do, but it’s a great choice when it comes to finding a good job. If money wasn’t necessary I’d choose to be a mathematician or a physicist.

    My 360 just died on me a couple of days ago. I was brave enough to call the support number and they said I won’t need to pay a thing since the warranty covers it. I was actually shaking while calling them, talking on the phone with unknown people makes me anxious.
    Hahaha, 4 5970's yeah right, no I meant 2 GPU's on each card. And scaling is **** in some games and great in others, just wish ATI would have awesome drivers instead of releasing them every month with slight fixes.
    Overvolting can be.....dangerous. Pushed my old 8800 a little too far with an Overvolt prog. Still I have managed to volt one of my 5970's to a 1ghz clock, not kept it there though, no point when you got quad xfire. Aftermarket coolers ah, they are sweet and I have used them before for years but a certain new cooler for the 5970 with 3x 120mm fans cooling the gpus. There is a problem with it, if you tighten it "too hard" (would be fun how to define that) you will damage the GPU board. Will stay away from them for now, I have massive guerrilla hands and destroy most things if I'm not careful.
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