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  • Belgium :D
    I like the name of that country. But I've never been there and really don't know much about it.
    Heey Ignace! How have you been? I didn't talked to you in a while.
    I saw you posting at a topic and i thought let's say hi.
    We haven't talked in a while so.
    I had a very good weekend, my mom had a performance, and I even did some songs on stage , I was REALLY nervous but it went well.. So i'm really happy.
    Are you not going to school today? Or do you have a free day?:)
    i'm not going to school as you know, But today I have a intake conversation at a organisation... :) so thats very good news ^^
    And has your SA progress gotten any better? I hope so ^^
    Mine has, cuz I feel much more positive these days.
    I don't think so negative about life anymore, i just accept the situation im in..
    Cuz i cant change it nowadays. But soon i hope we all will =D
    Well, i hope youre doing fine.. and i wish you a great tuesday :)

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