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  • I went to Vancouver to see the Olympics last fall, luckily crowds like that don't make me nervous until the friendly Canadians try to talk to me-- then I begin to cower. Were you there during the Games?
    Aren't we all! No, I live in the state of Oregon. Do you live in Vancouver, Washington or Vancouver Canada?
    I've kept myself busy with school and work, but considering I don't have a social life I've been good at handling those two things :D
    How've you been?
    I'm good thx .. Why ? What's up in life ? If u want to talk, you can add me on msn if u want. :) I'm always open for a talk. ;)
    I've had it since adolescence, and I'm 41 now - but I didn't get analyzed until maybe 8 years back, so there's a lot of years back there wasted from not knowing what was wrong. Finally tackling it, so there's nothing but hope (except on the hopeless days ::p:).
    Geeze, you've only had two posts and you've already had more profile views than me! Tell me your secret.
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