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  • Practice does make perfect - yer right, there.

    It just gettin' back intae doin' somethin' ah huv'nae done for nearly 10 years. The whole painting & drawing thing - not done much of that since ah left high school. Oh! And... why would the My Little Pony artwork be annoyin', exactly? :confused: It's your artwork & if it makes you happy that all that matters, at the end of the day.

    Granted, I'm not a fan of My Little Pony, but that doesnae mean ah can't appreciated great art when I see it. :)

    This... comin' from a guy who used to write Power Rangers fan fiction as a kid durin' the mid to late 1990s. :blushing: :bigsmile:
    Hiya! Just huvin' a wee look at yer album of "Random crap and art" - an ironic title, no? :idontknow: Cool artwork, by the way. Vibrant & very surreal, especially yer artwork that not My Little Pony related. But that stuff's good as well, actually. Quite a collection, too. :thumbup:

    Ah wish ah could create artwork like that - am not artistically usless or anythin'. Ah just don't huv the creative confidence tae execute ideas, ah mean ah'll huv an idea for a piece, it's just the gettin' it down on paper that ah find most difficult. :bigsmile: Always havin'... am usually ma own worst critic, like most creatively gifted people.
    Aw, thanks for the friend request, by the way! Much appreciated. Cheers! :brindis: :sarcastic: Thought that'd be more appropriate - or inappropriate?! - than this: :)
    Sorry! Late reply...

    South American, eh? Cool! :thumbup:

    But ah huv tae say this: "No need to warn me. I am just pretending I'm talking with an awesome pirate" - Hellhound

    ^ ... Was hysterically funny & different. :bigsmile: Apparently women find the Scottish accent sexy & charmin' fur some weird reason. At least, that what most American & Canada female users on this forum tell me. :idontknow: Aye, it's unique. But sexy n' charmin' are no' the first word ah'd use to describe the Scottish accent. And...

    Isn't Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons or Mike Myers when does his Shrek impression or Fat Ba**ard from the Austin Powers movies, America's only reference point for Scotland? I'm jokin'... :ironicsmile: D'ye mind if ah privately message ya on here? We'll continue this chat... Just tae be clear yer still wantin' me to explain the lungustics of the Scotch - Scottish! - accent? Ah mean a'll give it a fair go.
    Yer takin' the piss, right? C'mon! Seriously...?! D'ye actually want me tae explain the Scottish accent? It's nae bother tae me.

    Ah mean, as ye see, ah can write in ma accent fluently... which means am sober. Brace yersel', here come the jokes.

    "How Tae Speak Wi' A Scottish Accent" :ironicsmile: That's not a spellin' mistake on the word "with". That's how it's said in Scots. Disregard the "th" bit. If yer wonderin', the pronouncation is identical tae the word "way".

    Anyway... Where are ya from, Hellbound? If ye dinnae mind me askin'? Am no' shite at geography or anythin'. Just curious. :sarcastic:

    Glad yer no' confused, though. Writin' the Scots dialect contextually must be workin' on here? As it's should, what wi' me being Scottish born n' raised!
    Let me know if ya want tae continue this wee ligustic adventure? Be warned though, yer face might end up lookin' like this: :eek: :idontknow:
    Awright, Hellhound!

    Do ah speak "pirate"...? :thinking: If ah said "Aye, aye, Captain", would ye believe me? See what ah did there, eh? A wee a jokey joke!

    Seriously, though, ah just speak in Scots & English - kinda mix the two, really. With English being ma 2nd language, as ye can probably tell. :ironicsmile:

    Though, in a less cheerful mood, ma response would be: "Get tae f**k!". :veryangry: By which ah mean, "F%*k off!" - which doesnae mean "Go away!" It means "F%*k off!". Basically, right, it's like this. If a Scottish person tell ye tae "F**k off!" Off you will f**k! Just sayin'... Don't think am offended or anythin', am no'.
    (Aye, ah know, the letter "t" is missin' - that's how the word "not" is said in Scots dialect)

    Ah'd love tae continue this wee ligustic adventure/lesson but it'd probably get too confusin' - if it isnae already? And ah tend tae ramble on when am writin'... :eek:mg:
    Uh... what?

    "I won't message you again if I don't hear from you."

    Are you trying to manipulate me into talking to you?

    wow that guy seems very talented indeed..i assume he was your art teacher? I used to love art class. In fact would be nice if I were still doing art of some sort.
    Hey Hound. Just got home from planting a huge patch of turnips on my property for the deer hunting season which starts early October. I am really getting excited! :) Anyway, hope all is going well for you. Hope you are having a good weekend.
    I know, right?! It actually was your avatar that influenced me to do the same. ;) Just wish your puppy was not so viscious.
    fine, I feeling a little bit of shut in right now. I want to get out meet people but nothing to talk about with them to ganing there interest. I am Scary to talk to them but yet I don`t like living and dying alone. I wish I new how not to be boring so I could find online friends and off line friends at least than I would be able to practice social skills to get better. I was wondering I don`t won`t to sound weird can I ask you to rate me as I talk to you so can know how I made you feel when I message you ?
    Hi Hellhound, I am just curious which country are you from, if you don´t mind telling?
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