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  • Hi,thanks for asking about me.Best thing I ever did was get a divorce.lol.I'm so much happier.Had a few dates and so determined to sort out my sweating.All ok with you? X
    Hey thanks for the kind words brother hunter! I have never used a bow, mainly an old winchester 30-06. Can't wait for this years season to open! Good to hear from a fellow sportsman.
    Really? I feel loved :bigsmile:

    No worries, he's a good boy. He only bites when he detects BS :)
    Our avatars run, and run, and run, and run, and run, and run, and run, and run, and run...
    thx for your reply man! do you sweat because of anxiety? i usually sweat when i am anxious which is 90% of the day and night. I will be going to Australia in 2 weeks for 3 weeks visiting family and will be living at their place.. i am freaking out about sweating during dinner or talking to them; it's winter there; they will find me weird sweating when it's very cold :(
    Love we all thee all of you
    Where lands are green and skies are blue.
    When all and all we're just like you
    We love thee all of you.

    Yeah, we are having flooding issues. This rain just needs to cool it for a couple of weeks. Although then it would get hot and I hate summer, so it's a lose/lose situation for me. ;)
    Hello! I've never been to Quincy. I imagine that you guys must be used to the flooding by now. :) I live north of Springfield. Really, really, really small town. Population: 2500, if that. We have some flooding off of the Sangamon River, but nothing like you'd see from the Mighty Mississippi.
    i wouldn't worry too much about infractions, i was never very good at math anyway
    Cool, maybe I will try the glyco wipes also.

    But my next thing is Odaban hand cream. I think it will arrive in about 2 weeks, so I'll report back as soon as I can.
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